Ricky Larkin as a Raging Stallion exclusive

Last week, Raging Stallion shared a behind the scenes photo that Ricky Larkin was back as the bottom and Colby Jensen was his top. Today, the studio announced that Ricky is now their exclusive model.


From Raging StallionOriginally from South Florida and now residing in Nevada, Ricky was a competitive swimmer and wrestler in high school. He’s a devoted foody and loves trying restaurants of the hottest chefs and new cuisines. When he’s not sampling the hottest new eateries, he is focusing on weightlifting and training. While porn is currently his full-time job, he has spent time as a personal trainer and assisting people in living a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet. From his early beginnings in gay porn when he was working for several different studios, Larkin had his sights set on building his body into the archetypal Raging Stallion stud. After a short hiatus from the industry, he came back fully built and sporting the signature, natural Raging Stallion look.


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