Peep Show now competes with fan based sites like Just For Fans

Peep Show was a part of Chaos Men. It's now a separate site that is similar in concept with fan sites like Just For Fans. The difference? All homemade videos are in one place with 1 monthly subscription price of $9.95.


Peep Show caters to all types of audiences but only the gay & str8 side have submitted content.

On the gay side, I've seen only a few gay porn stars such as Leo Rex, Wolf Hudson and Max Marciano (aka Max Richie).



On the str8 side, Declan, Cy & JJ Smitts did it with a woman.




So far, majority of the guys at Peep Show had prior experience at Chaos Men.



8 thoughts on “Peep Show now competes with fan based sites like Just For Fans

  1. Chad Karzen looks good. He was always playful in his scenes.
    He’s in the “Sasha Nash & Shawn Gage” video, though I don’t know by which name.

  2. I still prefer just for fans. Not many big gay porn stars on this site. If they got the really popular guys it might generate more revenue and attention.

  3. VERY cheap content…and women on there too, so it doesn’t really have anything going for it at all.

  4. oops. didn’t understood the article at first. sorry peeps.

  5. Looking at the most popular content, it’s not the gays who are interested in that site. I do not see a bright future for it.

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