Anyone else having problems with the quality of the videos at Sean Cody?

A reader of this blog, Scott, would like to know if anyone else is experiencing problems with the quality of the videos downloaded at Sean Cody.

I joined Sean Cody about three weeks ago and downloaded a total of 376 videos at 720p and 480p resolutions. A full 85 of those videos are plagued by significant technical problems – most have pixelization issues and several have wave-like issues that make it look like a ghost walked between the camera and the performers. I've contacted Sean Cody technical support multiple times, and they deny anything is wrong with any of their videos claiming any problems I have are with my computer, browser, etc., which is most definitely not the case.

In addition, two videos play only 10 and 21 seconds, respectively, both streaming and in all downloaded versions – Mountain Getaway Day 1 and Sam's solo. I've emailed Sean Cody and Probiller technical support multiple times in the past week about these two videos but have received no response and the videos are still messed up.

As for the corrupted videos with pixelization problems, it looks to me like the videos were run through a less-than-adequate video conversion program. Prior to the switch to the current website design, many of the videos' highest resolution was 540p, but they now have 720p download options and the 540p download options have completely disappeared.

A few of the videos in question.



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