10 thoughts on “A new look for LeeRoy Jones at Next Door Studios

  1. All three of those guys made the mistake of posing in a picture with Blake Effortley. There’s no way one can look better than second best.

  2. Not a fan of more facial hair. Definitely not a fan of more and more tatts. As I’ve wondered before, are these guys doing porn just to earn tattoo money?

  3. Took the words right out of my mouth. Why ruin beautiful young skin with ink? And why hide a beautiful face.

  4. It’s called being young and dumb.
    They will regret that later in life. Both tats and beards are a sign (superficially) for “maturity”. Most men esp young ones with an inferiority complex that can grow beards would grow them as long as they can simply to show others they could and they are grown adults now. It’s dumb.

  5. I love the new direction NDS is taking by letting their models grow some facial hair.
    It’s refreshing to see a difference in appearance.

  6. Still hot but liked him the other way – def without the beard! Why hide that beautiful face??

  7. I think this is a case where the phrase “everything in moderation” would be helpful. A little facial hair, as in look #2, fine. But too much doesn’t really work as well. Plus he looks so unhappy in the later photos, he just looks like another guy doing the minimum he has to do for the money.

  8. It’s funny…when he’s on his back, the beard looks good, but when he’s topping, it looks scraggy. That can’t possibly have been filmed at the same time, because it looks like he cleaned the beard line between scenes, to make it sharper…without that tidy, it looks a bit trashy.

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