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  1. Undetectable is Untransmittable, but I still think that all porn studios should still use condoms and say “F.U.!” to all of these disease chasers who love seeing raw and people contracting chlamydia.

  2. I keep thinking of that crazy professor in Thomas Dolby’s “Blinded by Science” video (about 100 years ago for any of the younger readers)…who screams “SCIENCE!”
    At the end of the day I believe decisions to co-star with, or use someone who is undetectable is one that should be left to the performers. It’s science. If you are on PrEp and bareback with someone who is HIV-positive but undetectable, you’re protected to a degree. So, based on the science I guess my question to any such performer is “how lucky do you feel?” Yes, the odds may be in your favor, Miss Hunger Games. But, not absolutely. You’re more protected if you are on PrEp, use condoms and don’t share bodily fluids during the scene. SCIENCE!
    The only way you’re more protected is to engage in abstinence…and sure it’s safe to the extreme, but you can’t really get off to it unless it’s a super hot dude pleasuring himself, or a mutual Jerk-off fest. Both of which I’m firmly (pun intended) in favor of.
    I don’t know if insisting on condom use would cost a model a scene (my guess is probably yes)…so it comes down to “how lucky do you feel today?”; and “is the payoff worth the risk?” Neither I nor anyone here can answer that for a performer. It’s a decision they have to make for themselves. But taking the risk also means assuming the responsibility for what comes next.

  3. You don’t get to pick and choose which health recommendations to follow. The CDC clearly states that condoms are to be use with these drugs:
    Q. If I take PrEP, can I stop using condoms when I have sex?
    A. No, you should not stop using condoms because you are taking PrEP. PrEP doesn’t give you any protection against other STDs, like gonorrhea and chlamydia. Also, while PrEP can significantly reduce your risk of HIV infection if taken daily, condoms can provide added protection for individuals who may have difficulty taking PrEP as prescribed.
    Additionally, these drugs are not fool-proof. The above link says this:
    “Studies have shown that PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by about 99% when taken daily.”

  4. This is a tough one I understand why models do NOT want to do a scene with a positive guy. It makes sense. Yes there is HIV medications to make someone undetectable. But the HIV positive person must be vigilant taking the medication. You cannot slip up in order for medication to work.

  5. Some days ago the Spanish newspaper ” El País ” in its European issue reported the real illness of straight porn star Nacho Vidal that since the beginning of the year was said to had contracted HIV… It’s a condition near arthritis that it’s a consequency of some kind of bacterial infestation contracted via sex…Although it hasn’t cure it’s manegeable with medicine for life…He suffered atrocious pain till discover what he really had and stated that his libido is like one of a ‘105’ year old man now. Sexy, much?

  6. Every studio has the right to refuse to work with p0z models. These studios are trying to reduce the risk of transmitting sti for their protection and their models.
    I’m guess Nick was rejected from a few studios for being… …and decided to rage on twitter.

  7. Let’s see: the studios will need to rely on the performer’s word that they are taking Prep properly, and will also need to take the word of the other performer that he is undetectable. If anyone has followed the lives and travails of porn people, veracity and responsibility is not exactly a hallmark. I think it’s outrageous that these people are trying to shame studios and actors to work with them. Not only that, but please show proof that no one has been infected. A porn performer just the other day came out with the news of his infection. This whole mess just shows the lack of respect that gay porn in general has for its performers.

  8. All the focus on HIV…they do realize that it’s not going to stop things like Herpes, right? I dread to think how much that gets spread about.

  9. No one has a right to demand a job at any studio. If the studios don’t want to hire undetectable models that is their right. It’s also the right of the performers to decide who they want to have sex with. All this blow black and attempts to shame people into having sex with positive performers in the name of science is totally ridiculous. Science does not equate to rights or choices. These models need to grow up and quit bashing people and harassing studios who don’t bow down and fall in line with their selfish demands.

  10. Did he releases the gay videos? Because on his website, he has a gay category, but it’s still empty

  11. I agree. I personally would never have anal sex with a guy I was not in a committed monogamous relationship with without a condom.

  12. It is wrong! Undetectable=untransmittable the science has proven that so to continue to discriminate against undetectable models is pure HIV Discrimination and should be a violation of non-discrimination laws.

  13. I guess your parents are disease chasers cause they had to have unprotected sex to make you.
    Preferring to watch natural sex ie bareback does not make someone a disease chaser, if that were so then there are lots of disease chasers in the world.

  14. I see what you are saying but when they say condoms during sex they also mean during oral sex because gono and chlamedia can be transmitted oral. How many gay men really would want to suck on a condomed dick. Furthermore. How much gay viers would want to watch their favorite porn star being sucked or sucking on a condomed dick. Prep was tested with sero discordamnt relationships bot who had condom sex and bareback and they determined that if the individual is undetectable it is similar as having condom sex. The only way to truly protect yourself, is to get tested regularly

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