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  1. He looks fine AF. Not gonna lie, he should sing with Falcon Studios or other major studio. We need more masculine hung power tops like Cliff in porn. Most tops are either sissies, or have tiny dicks, or don’t know how to top like William Seed. We need more Cliffs in porn.

    You can’t come back bro. Enjoy your cheap Only/JustFor Fans shit income. All done.

  3. It’s def a turn off when the top is super masculine
    I wouldn’t mind Diego Sans to bottom again though. He was better as bottom than as a top.

  4. Judging by the stove and the granite countertops behind him, the onlyfans is working.

  5. My guess is that background and all that goes with it belongs to his current or next babymomma.

  6. Cliff Jensen just needs to stay where he is and not return to porn due to the fact he is not wanting to be vers in porn. It gets tiring seeing him just top just like Tim Kruger and his boring site. Most of the porn stars of the past that have been just tops have gotten out of the industry and that was fine. But him wanting to come back and just be a top the industry does not need him in it. No matter how people think he is fine is of no matter in the issue. He just needs to retire and leave porn for good.

  7. I am glad Men.com let Cliff Jensen go people want to see him bottom. Yes off camera in his real life Cliff says he is straight. But on camera his persona is a gay man. Cliff actually does more than Bo Sinn at least he has no problem sucking cock. I think the studios I am guessing would have to pay double the fee for Cliff to bottom. Next door studios got Mark Long to bottom so anything is possible. Total top guys like Austin Wolf and Cade Maddox are boring their performances are shit.

  8. So nice to see a performer being responsible and using a condom, in these times of a pandemic at least now another deadly virus isn’t being allowed to mutate

  9. Yeah only once or twice in his career like I said Austin Wolf is a shit model. Austin rarely sucks cock and the guy has a really small dick probably four inches. It is pathetic that this guy is gay in real life yet seems so awful with all his male scene partners. I don’t see the appeal of Austin Wolf a small dick man should never be a top.

  10. The crazy thing is that Cliff has a nice ass too. For him to be this tall, slim, muscle built he carries a decent ass. Do you remember when he first started? He wanted to have his ass played with and eaten all the time. Below The Rim 2- Lick It Clean from C1R was a good example of this. He let sexy ass Brenn Wyson play in that ass and eat it out so aggressively and you thought that it was only a matter of time till he was gonna bottom but then he just stopped that. When he was released from prison, ass play was a thing of the past for him.
    It’s a shame b/c he’s a fucking hottie. It would be great to see him more versatile in his performances and not fall down the Diego Sans one-hit-wonder train.

  11. Cliff, sadly, is G4P and it shows. He is never into his bottoms and the last year of his performances he was high AF during filming – and that showed too. He is a nice guy, for a straight guy, but also a druggie who is into chasing toxic, trashy chicks. I’ve talked to him on the phone, but I could never afford his escort rates so I don’t know what he is like in person. Like I said, nice guy, but our porn industry needs to have more gay men in it (tops and bottoms) and leave the straights to their porn and their companies.

  12. Gay porn stars for gay porn, who aren’t forced to be bisexual and or pansexual, but are allowed and supported to just be gay…and leave the straights to straight porn, although they won’t tend to work with the car-crashes that gay porn welcomes with open arms.
    They get clean-cut and adjusted, we gay drug-addled trash and the maladjusted.

  13. My dad always says “if you ain’t got granite countertops you ain’t got shit”
    He’s not a very eloquent man.

  14. I agree. It’s sad to say but the gay industry is flooded with so many G4P performers, you end up loosing track of who’s who and you also see the actual gay performers are white-washed. Look at who’s getting all the releases in the last years. Reese Rideout, Pierce Paris, Dante Colle, Ricky Larkin, William Seed, Michael Del Ray, Bo Sinn, Collin Simpson etc…. none of these men are gay. They’re either (allegedly) bisexual or (allegedly) pansexual or straight.
    Thanks to that weird ass Wesley Woods, the guys who you thought were gay are now like getting all fucked up in the mix and they’re shooting scenes that contradict what they claim to their fans. Trent King, Arad Winwin, Thyle Knoxx, Riley Mitchel. These guys are claiming gay but then they’re eating out and penetrating women on WNB and other bisexual sites. I fear that Calvin Banks or Jack Hunter will be next.
    Then the gay men in the industry disappear or stay strictly with an OF account. Remember Dante Martin. Where the hell has he been??? The answer is on his OF account. Gay performers like Diego Sans who’s boring as hell and Michael Boston and he’s starting to become worn out in my mind, are getting bland. There needs to be a serious shake up in this industry and it needs to happen ASAP.

  15. I am not so sure all these men are gay for pay. Do people even realize the term bisexual? I subscribed to Pierce Paris only fans account it is excellent. What I learned Pierce is mostly a BOTTOM! He loves getting fucked raw by other men! William Seed just got fucked raw by Trent King big black cock on his only fans and just4fans. These guys are sex workers. I saw Trent King video with the fat white woman BUT if you look closely he did not fuck her! There were no close ups of penetration. Only when Trent fucked Michael del ray in the bisexual video you see a close up.

  16. Some months ago he was on Grndr soliciting “models” for his OF account. The hair transplant/toupee looks hideous.

  17. HE can stay on OF fucking his preferred females. Stay away from gay porn in any capacity.

  18. If you believe their defenders and other delusional LGB(All about the T & Q) activists. You can see they clearly are working towards this pan/trans agenda. Getting gay men to have sex with the opposite sex because in the end “it’s all queer”

  19. Diego Sans is only doing the one thing these days bc he is in a relationship and promised his ass was for his partner if he chose to do this to keep his partner to allow him to continue being in the porn industry, then good for him.

  20. Yea. Trent was making out with that hideous chick during the whole film and got oral sex from her and Michael. William only performed oral sex once in film and surprise surprise it was with that green haired girl from that dumb-ass scene with none other than Thyle Knoxx (the gay guy who penetrated her). All of the scenes he’s produced and he doesn’t kiss a guy or give a blowjob. All you see is him being a top or bottom.
    Like I said some of these men (allegedly) are bisexual.

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