7 thoughts on “Dylan is your favorite model for June 2020

  1. Isn’t third place the one from William Higgins? Ansen came in 4th place and last place went to the Gayhoopla guy.

  2. Dylan sort of gives me a Liam Hemsworth sort of vibe. But since the only scene he’s done is a straight scene, his career is probably over.

  3. how come these members never pick black guys and complain about diversity

  4. THIS!!! Happens every week, even if the Black or BIPOC model is clearly more attractive than the endless white models (most who never return to perform gay sex). It’s a cycle. The voters want to call out racism and the racists models every Sunday during the Porn Star Tweet post, then turn around on Monday and vote up another average-at-best white model from Corbin Fisher or Gay Hoopla instead of any BIPOC model, even though Denz includes models from sites like LatinBoyz or other BIPOC-centered sites weekly. SMH.

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