10 thoughts on “Caught with your yoga instructor

  1. Can we call that Masqulin scene porn? All that I saw (aside from the preview pics which totally did not represent the scene) was some blue on black movement. Though I’m not colorblind I feel sorry for the people who are and who can’t watch that scene.

  2. I just don’t get having someone in a scene who isn’t performing. The plots are dreadful and unnecessary, because I’d personally fast-forward through them anyway. It’s seriously off-putting to have sometimes five-minutes of dodgy “storyline”, usually with a woman in the video and then lousy sex to top it off. At least back in the day, the exposition was a bit sexy, like two ripped cops or cowboys strutting about before banging each other silly. Today…what is sexy about that? Story and unfortunately the porn too.

  3. If only the scene actually looked like this. It’s actually bathed in darkness and blue lighting so that you can barely see anything– which is a shame since I’m a fan of Ace.

  4. Today gay porn is produced to please both men and women. That is why they have women in it to appease to the female viewers. When will the “powerLESS to be” realize it is only demeaning to women? Where do they find the women ignorant enough to appear in this crap?

  5. I’ll pick the Dante/Vadmim scene because it’s the only one I’ve seen. I think they’re both hot, but it’s pretty perfunctory. The other two yoga class members, one a woman, skedaddle once they notice Vadim fucking Dante doggy-style. Like a lot (most?) of Men .com scenes, there’s no kissing, no passion really. Just by the numbers.

  6. The hilarious thing…women LOVE gay porn! The majority of Slash fan fiction out there? Written by women. Women who enjoy gay porn DO NOT want other women in it and actually gay men…we certainly don’t. It’s the straight conspiracy who put women into gay porn and it’s not what the audience want.

  7. I still prefer Vadim as a bottom. I can’t take him seriously as a top…or actually at all, since his big song and dance of denouncing gay porn with his girlfriend on that MTV show, “retiring” and then sloping back, but only as a top.

  8. The purpose of those yoga mats is to prevent the knees and elbows of the bottom guys from getting floor burn.

  9. Sorry but no one beats Nick Sandell at naked yoga. That body, that face, that boner…his OnlyFans is the gift that keeps on giving these days.

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