16 thoughts on “Ludwig, Declan Blake & Isaac X

  1. Urgh…Collin Simpson’s body and brain are already rotted through with steroids and hate, so why won’t he just vanish from social media and truly terrible porn?

  2. Something about Chris Damned that I like and haven’t seen in this forsaken industry in a while, dude has a certain charm…unlike Marco Napoli who sounds like he’s getting tortured, Jesus shut the fuck up, you’re not even cute imo.

  3. EXACTLY ! I was just thinking the same thing… Kinda like the guy who cruises you in the back of the all gay adult bookstore late in the afternoon before the hot college guys get there.
    Hes cute enough that you actually look back and consider it…
    UH, Not that I know about any of that…..

  4. I was going to say I think Collin’s body still looks good…but I did notice in that scene with Ludwig that he looks like he has some weird bumps on his face. Not sure if that’s acne from the steroids or sores from the meth.

  5. Issac X is a hottie. Same with Chris Damned. Can’t wait to see Chris bottom more. Have seen him bottoming on tube sites. He likes it.
    They should flip, and then bottom for Ryheim Shabazz

  6. Collin should really go to get off whatever he’s on, and get rid of the proud boy attitude. Your cardboard fuhrer trump has lost Collin, get over it

  7. Isaac has an incredibly hot scene on Only Fans with Taylor Reign and the superior Ty Roderick (one of Ty’s best efforts ever, please stay active!!).

  8. My vote goes to Declan Blake. Besides the fact that he’s a great looking guy, what I really like is his obvious love of men and gay sex, qualities sorely missing in much of gay porn today.

  9. Anyone else bored? These three releases are similar to every damn release so far and most likely coming soon. Gay porn has become so boring. No wonder webcam models are starting to make those coins. You get to request and direct your own thing.
    I know people will think I’m hating but if I see Colin in one more damn studios release, I’m gonna fly to Arizona or wherever and request GH to take him back. He needs to go back to the place that spawned that homophobic, bloated-bumpy disaster.

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