Michael Fitt on his life as a convicted sex offender for his relationship with a minor when he was 18 years old (tip @ Grayson)

Back in 2016, I did a post about Michael Fitt of My Friend’s Feet who was arrested in 2016 in Louisiana for a sex crime.




Last March 2020, Michael opened up about his life as a sex offender on his YouTube channel.

Michael was 17 years old when he started a relationship with a 15 year old girl. It continued when he turned 18. Someone filed a complaint with the police since his relationship was with a minor. He was arrested but not sent to prison. He thought that was it and he went to college.

Two years later, he was in court for the same complaint filed against him. He didn’t want to be a convicted felon, so he took a deal where he was jailed and listed as a sex offender.

Then, Florida passed the Romeo & Juliet law, which he applied, that had his name stricken out of the registry of sex offenders.

His past caught up to him when he moved to Louisiana to start a new job as a TV reporter. He was pulled over by a police offer for a traffic violation. When the officer ran his name in their database, he was still listed as a sex offender. He was arrested since he did not register as a sex offender which was required by law. The media picked up the story. The case was dropped but the damage has been done.

He moved to California where he had a good experience with his co-workers even if they knew his past. Then, he moved to Colorado for a better job. The company found out about his past and he was fired from his job. He is starting his life again, so he was compelled to explain his side via his YouTube channel.


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