16 thoughts on “Felix Fox is your favorite model for February 2021

  1. Felix comes across as an eager puppy, he’s out and he’s proud and he’s crazy for cock. Since he’s just starting out, he does have some problems with his deep throating skills, especially in his OF Cade Maddox scene where Cade tries to force him to deep throat more than Felix is ready for, but Felix is an eager partner willing to try anything. His OF scene with hottie Adrian Hart is as great as you would expect with 2 hot guys doing what comes naturally. The ultimate pairing right now might be Felix and Cody Seiya, since they’re both new and their personalities seem to be allot alike. Hopefully he has a long career ahead of him.

  2. His scene with Adrian Hart is on fire!!! Honestly, better than most studio scenes lately – they had someone to film the whole video, so the guys stayed focused on each other – lots of kissing and Felix came while be f*cked!

  3. If you think he’s achieved that without taking Vitamin S, I hate to burst your bubble…
    It makes me feel bad when I see someone so young like Felix Fox doing this to themselves. It’s so unnecessary, and the long-term damage it does is all too consequential. Maybe FF won’t end up like Rob Sager a.k.a. Brett Mycles, but I personally know some gay men who had suffered permanent cardiovascular damage due to significant steroid use. It’s all too real.

  4. Well, he doesn’t look wreck-roided like Collin Simpson. If he has taken them, then he hasn’t abused them at least. I’m not condoning it if so, but he’s not bloated, riddled with acne or seemingly sick in the head from it.

  5. The difference between what Felix Fox looks like now and what Collin Simpson looks like is simply a function of time and continued use.
    Even if one is not showing the obvious physical symptoms of acne, being bloated, and psychological symptoms, trust me, there’s plenty of damage being done inside the body that is not visible.

  6. I hope that Simpson isn’t the end result, because that would be horrific. He went from the boy next door, so something truly disgusting. From his Twitter and what he has to say, Felix hasn’t been warped and I still hope that his body might be natural, but it would be a tragedy to end up as guttersnipe like Collin.

  7. The tragedy is less in what guys like Simpson looks like (and Fox, who at least right now is on the good side of what steroids can do for one’s looks), than in the fact that they feel they need to do this to themselves in the first place.
    I really believe that this is a direct consequence of internalized homophobia, the results of coming of age in a still-hostile society (although definitely getting better). This leads for many to serious self-esteem issues that can be lifelong. Collin Simpson is an obviously troubled person and I hate to say this but I don’t see him making it to 40. I wish he would get the professional help he needs, first starting with rehab, and then doing lots of work with some good therapists.
    At the end of the day, these guys need kindness and support, not condemnation and criticism. They’re likely decent people who have been unable to deal with difficult circumstances in perhaps the best possible way. That makes their travails no less sympathetic.

  8. Agreed. At first, Collin was just young and maybe experimenting or like a lot of Millennials, just having fun and getting paid for it…but then it went too far. He found himself as a gay porn star and he couldn’t handle it. I’m not sure the reason he started steroids, maybe insecurity about his body, or trying to prove his masculinity and that he was a “fag”. Whatever the reason, he wrecked himself, both physically and mentally. He really is the most disturbed porn “star” working at the moment, because you’re absolutely right and others who have been on his exact same path, are already dead.
    I don’t wish him dead. He’s degenerated into a truly rotten excuse of a man, but that just goes to show how much help he needs. You can’t believe a word he says, it’s all lies and Machiavelli, but it’s a sign of a straight man gone wrong, or a gay man who can’t accept it.
    I just hope Felix doesn’t end up like a statistic, which I’m not sure Collin can now avoid being 🙁

  9. The true tragedy is when they wreck the mind. Jaxton Wheeler started out as a nice guy, but he never came back from the roid abuse. Collin Simpson is exactly the same, although I personally feel that he’s a more extreme example. The list can go on with gay porn stars and I know that some studios do purposefully start drug habits to control them, but it’s not just heroin and meth, but also steroids. And when they drill home that you can make more money with a roided-body, these guys are sometimes so insecure, naïve or arrogant that they fall for it.

  10. Fear not “Doctor”. You haven’t burst my bubble. My assumption that Felix has achieved that beautiful muscular body naturally by diet and weight lifting is probably more correct than your assumption that he achieved it with steroids.

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