The response of Gay Hoopla to their latest controversy

Gay Hoopla is cleaning house with regards to their models. One of the models booted out was Jayden Marcos, who wasn’t happy about it.

Ryan Love also tweeted against Gay Hoopla.

So, Gay Hoopla took advantage of the situation.

They released today an un-scheduled solo of Ryan Love.


And, they offered a 50% off to their monthly membership.


31 thoughts on “The response of Gay Hoopla to their latest controversy

  1. Why are Jayden, Chase, Franco and the lot trying to pretend they’re not the same kind of scumbags filled with the same kind internalized homophobia like the owners of Gayhoopla? I think there’s a reason why they started working for them in the first place – birds of a feather really do seem to flock together.

  2. No news, another scandal from this studio. A shitty site with problematic people.

  3. There are lots of guys in gay porn that have an internal homophobia i.e. Spencer Reed, Collin Simpson just to name a few. Why is it that people tend to continue paying for their porn scenes and movies when this is going on. It is the people that are watching these idiots and giving them their money knowing the whole time they have this “internal homophobia” Collin Simpson even blatantly calling gay people “faggots”. If these guys intend on staying in the industry they have the right to. But, people that pay their wages are the ones that should take a second look as to who they are supporting. Unless these three have literally called someone a faggot like Colin did then they should be looked at as homophobes.
    I can’t recall when Jayden ever stated this and he is even starting his own chaturbate. This doesn’t sound like someone would use that word to anyone in the gay community. Maybe its just me but, people should be given the right to do what they want with their lives.
    When Randy Spears (Hetero porn star) got out of the business he was only able to get a job in a fish market, he stated with his background he was not able to find a good job that would overlook his past. Any and all porn stars will find it difficult to look for work unless they go into business for themselves. So its really their choice as to what and How they live their lives if their lives become fucked up afterwards then and only then will they see their mistake.

  4. If they want to work for a problematic studio and see things are not done properly then they should leave and not cry about it. There are so many scandals in gay porn they should already know that it is everywhere. Either deal with the scandals or just get out of the industry all together.

  5. The usual GayHoopla non-response.
    I don’t feel sorry for these performers. If they had researched this studio a little bit on the Internet, then they would have know what they were getting into.

  6. I’m confused… what was the response from gayhoopla, just releasing an unscheduled video?

  7. These guys are just looking for attention. If you don’t like the company just move on.

  8. I don’t understand something, why is this information on a site about GAY PORN? Half of these guys are practically straight… this is just a ploy to catch subscribers for their respective onlyfans.. if you go into these guys twitters everything is tits, vagina and hetero sex.

  9. “Finesse the straight new guys to do gay scenes” this is every gay fantasy oop
    Gayhoopla is doing something right for once.

  10. Thank you, next! This isn’t even worthy of some long response. Three desperate idiots leaving a trashy ass studio.

  11. I suspect this whole situation is more about monthly subscription rates than anything else. Blurred’s monthly rates for their various sites are higher than some competing sites given the amount and quality of content they produce, and are especially higher than onlyfans rates. So I suspect that Blurred really resents the models’ ability to charge less for OF and undercut them, since most fans would rather save money by just subscribing to their favorite onlyfans models. Blurred has to accept that the porn market has changed since they started their business and deal with the competition from OF, JFF, etc. and accept that some models will only appear on their sites as advertising for their OF, JFF, etc. sites.

  12. I don’t want to talk about this because this isn’t new. “Good things come to those who wait, So just relax and wait for fate” that’s a jazz song and advice for actors of porn.
    But, I don’t why no one are talking about how bad is the presidency of Biden, this guys has a deal with Israel and there’s no consequence for this country for destroy that deal. I don’t know why no one are talking about how many Homeless are in Los Ángeles. And no one says how bad is the world with a president that are no making nothing for the climate change. Like the miss universe is just promise in America with a president that don’t make nothing, just destroy Latin America, Middle East and made stupid manifiesto like gay hoopla owners, thank you.

  13. I never liked GayHoopla or their limp dicked “performers”. Miss Jayden Marcos can stay in pussy porn for all I care. He can’t even admit that he’s bisexual.

  14. It was kind of obvious for years that Gayhoopla has never done testing. They run a mean lean tight ship. Thier memberships don’t even make them money. It’s the secret menus/$100 flash drives and ad revenue from free streaming sites.
    Their casting is quantity over quality. Getting desperate straight men that want to fuck vagina, get paid, and also get a social media boost for their ego or OnlyFans lol. Then try to bait and switch them to go gay after exhausting their limit of straight appearances. Biguysfuck is now the stop gap where they can dip their toes and get emotional female support at the same time. That’s why they don’t give a fuck if these guys leave.
    As long as there is no scandals with the female talent, I think La El and crew will continue to skate by because of the double standards put up by the industry. Everyone for some reason thinks gay porn is the super fair and equal side of porn…lol

  15. Jayden avoids the question when someone on Twitter asks him if he’s bisexual. Is he ashamed of his bisexuality and the fact that he likes male intimacy? He should own it. He doesn’t have a problem stating that he likes pussy…

  16. I only pay money for only fans or just4fans that is a way to support the models you like directly. They are guaranteed to get the money. But paying for porn on other sites is a waste of money.

  17. I suspect he doesn’t want to discuss his sexuality because he’d have to admit he’s totally straight. If you’ve seen any of the “secret” off-hours or OF videos, that’s obvious. He only did gay porn because he needed the money. That was obvious from his first video when he bottomed right away, because that’s what pays the most and he went directly to the position that pays the most money. All the guys you see bottoming right from the start are only in it for the money. (OK, some of them bottom because they’re lousy tops). What he’s basically saying now is that he left because he didn’t make enough money last year and it has nothing to do with his sexuality.

  18. I just wish I knew what became of Josh Farve and Troy Daniels. They were great.

  19. The Colin Simpson tweets are a hilarious read “level headed” me thinking someone’s still snortin somthing.

  20. Meh, it could also just be guys not caring to top/preferring bottoming. But I’m fairly certain Jayden is 100% straight (like 99% percent of the guys that worked at GH) and was just incredibly desperate for money

  21. Evidently, some random nobody porn actor is displeased with his porn studio, and is whining about it on Twitter. So, a typical day.

  22. Honestly how is this site a thing? Literally since this site opened there has been maybe 3-4 guys that’s hot. Otherwise it’s just one trash update after another.

  23. I agree. Really boring website. I think the site was hot when Cole was on there. After he left I lost interest. I think porn is going to be on the decline forever now, unfortunately. The days of getting ridiculously hot, fresh content from any site for $25 a month are gone. All the hot, would be pornstars are on onlyfans, or chaturbate and I really don’t know how anyone can afford supporting them. Chaturbate they charge 90 tokens or more ($9USD) for webcam shows and onlyfans if a scene is more than 5 minutes long these guys are charging $50 for it. It’s insane! I joined this onlyfans site for a guy on chaturbate, $15 and literally every picture is of his girlfriend.

  24. IDK the advantage that they have there is that they’re in the same city as America’s number 1 party school, the University of Arizona. Every year there are around 5,000 new guys there who can be fooled into doing a jerkoff and straight sex video for whatever money they offer. So if they can get just 1 percent of those guys to try out for their videos, everything’s fine. Sometimes location is everything.

  25. If Cole was one of their best models, you must like plain, white bread, all american type of guys cause they’ve had way better models than Cole who wasn’t even a good performer and it is gay for pay.

  26. A lot of guys who identify as straight are actually bisexual, but they’re hetero-romanic and don’t want to define it. That’s the number homophobia has done on men in our society. I’m sorry but no amount of money is going to make you sleep with another man over and over again. Something about you has to be attracted to it on a physical level.

  27. Bruce, no one pays for Onlyfans: they torrent. You trash porn companies but at least they’re offering sex. All you’re getting on Onlyfans when it comes to these so-called hot guys is gay baiting and softcore porn. I’d rather deal with the Hoopla’s of the world than go back in time like it’s 1998 and I’m having to sneak Men’s Health just to look at a guy’s penis in a sheer thong. I’m good love, enjoy.

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