8 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite model for the month of April 2021

  1. Please make a poll about Carnal Media’s models and channels (FunsizeBoys, BoyForSale, Jockpussy, RawFuckBoys, etc..)

  2. Beau would’ve had my vote until he refused to denounce Sgt Miles, just because his best friend Isaac was promoting a scene with him. He might be physically hot, but he’s not a good person. That goes for Chris Damned and Cole Connor, as well.

  3. Beau’s BFF Isaac was promoting a scene with Sgt Miles, who is a racist scumbag. Cole said, “Isaac doesn’t believe in any of that, so I’m not worried about it” and I said it was disappointing that he wouldn’t call out a racist scumbag just because his friend is in a scene with him. Cole said, “How dare you call my friends racist” and blocked me. Chris said I was a “fn idiot” and “a fag who’s angry at the world” and said, “Why should Isaac lose money and not do a scene with someone just cuz they have dumb views” and I said, “Inciting an insurrection and encouraging violence against minority groups is not ‘dumb views’ and if you’re able to take your moral outrage off like a jacket simply cuz your friend is in a scene with someone who is doing those things, then you are not an ally to vulnerable groups. Beau “liked” all of the posts that trashed me and in DMs was quite angry that I spoke against his friend. Never once denounced Sgt Miles. All 4 of them- Beau, Issac, Cole, and Chris, care more about their friend’s ego than standing up for minorities, or protecting our country against Trump-addled traitors. Period.

  4. Who the f-ck is voting for Fernando? There’s nothing more an attractive that a completely hairless guy.

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