7 thoughts on “Ashton Summers by the pool

  1. Having women there makes is LESS real, not more. I think they’re pandering to creepy fag hags who like gay porn.

  2. Ashton used to be my heartthrob before he got the right shoulder tattoo. Now I’ve gotten over him and this is a good reminder why. The comparison between the two is almost shocking. If I had money, I’d offer to pay him to have the tatts removed. Hopefully there’s some sugar daddy out there who could help him with this.

  3. I’m not a tattoo hate, but a bad tattoo is a bad tattoo and Ashton has several bad tattoos. Badly placed. Misshapen. Wrong colors. All of them are poorly thought out and executed.

  4. WHY is the woman with a worse tit job than Tori Spelling there?
    And Nick, if you’re coming back to porn, then make it worth it. Have you bottomed since you came back? Are you going to?
    You’re still hot…but are you hot on camera? You can’t just top. You proved you’re a bottom, you were “Man Of The Year”, but it’s a new century, so you either bitch-out, or fuck off.

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