38 thoughts on “Mason Nicklaus aka Luke Longwood (tips @ Grayson & Dave)

  1. I feel there’s an obvious comment to make here, but I’m going to be the bigger person and leave it where it lies.

  2. Do straight guys become more interesting just because they enjoy anal play? The answer is a big fat NO.

  3. The models on GH are just getting worse by the new model that they recruit. There is nothing special with this guy at all.

  4. On the one hand, I’m getting a gay vibe and he does seem like a little queen, but on the other…he’s GayHoopla and posting photos of women’s back ends in thongs. It’s a real disconnect and very off-putting.

  5. He pick the wrong site… He should go to The Guys Site… He fit the description of the model there, Big muscular guy with small dick…

  6. I suspect they were being sarcastic that a guy with a cock that small would expect to make money in porn.

  7. They’ve already released commercials for their boner pills showing him fucking some pussy doggy style, so there should be no doubt he’s just another straight HGF guy doing the requisite single GH jerkoff.

  8. Honestly talking about the weather would be more sexy and stimulating than talking about Luke Shortwood.
    I mean Longwood. That damn autocorrect gets it right every time.

  9. I read that he is probably bi. There is a video he got fucked by t-girl in his OF.

  10. Not gonna lie… I like hard cocks whatever the size. Luke’s a extra sexy because it’s connected to his body. And take a look at those amazing nipples!

  11. LOL a “bigger person”! Your great pun has not gone unnoticed. But I guess one can miss it if one was, um, thick.

  12. Guaranteed he’s one of those guys that it will never happen with a real live penis.

  13. Gotta be some people stuffing the ballot box on this one. I’m so OVER gay for pay. One of the reasons I no longer subscribe to any porn sites. Such a total turn off for me.

  14. All of you are messed up for making fun of his dick size.
    That said, this guy is unfit for gay porn on the sole basis he is straight. The overwhelming majority of these G4P bastards hate sex with other men, and it shows. It makes them bad performers.
    Bad performers don’t deserve these promotional posts. It’s like we are rewarding them for being heterosexual. Everyone who watches porn knows of gay performers who are bad at their jobs. They don’t receive this type of attention because… they are bad performers and/or have yet to do anything of note. These het bros should be regarded the exact same way.

  15. Look, I understand your point but in the current times I prefer to watch some decent hot G4P men than these “gay” performers that you say, G4P men at least are honest in what they doing, unlike these “gay” ones who usually are very homophobic and toxic, who starts to fuck pussy and say that “everyone is fluid” and being gay is limiting.
    These supposed “gay” performers made me like G4P performers more.

  16. Not sure how a few “gay” performers not fucking other men can turn people off to gay men in gay porn. To me, it’s a weird line of thinking. Especially when G4P are also in the same sphere of fucking people other than men. Why jump to straight men who dislike gay sex because of this small group instead of shifting focus to the loads of other performers who do great things in (and for) the industry? (This is an actual question. I’m curious to hear your perspective.)
    We have guys like Logan Stevens, Cutler X, Dakota Payne, and Sean Duran etc. etc. who go all in during scenes and pretty much knock it out of the park each time. They’re expected to perform at high levels and they deliver. This is the standard. In general, G4P performers and all the guys at GH – a studio run by Tr^mp supporting dirtbags – simply don’t compare. I suppose they could be considered hot in a vacuum but every single person knows better men and better studios exist.
    We pedestalize and raise G4P up to an undeserved level with this constant attention. It goes into what I mean about rewarding them for being straight. It’s the only thing noteworthy about them. And I’m hard pressed to see any other reason why people like them.

  17. Why you mentioned these exclusively homophobic pussy loving chasers?
    “We” have? Please keep these things for you, If you like them, good for you.
    I prefer any straight performer over these that you mentioned, and you know why.

  18. All those hysterical sizequeens here. Wonder what shrimp they have themselves. He’s a maybe a little smaller than average but still manageable. His handsome face and perfect bod make up plenty for that. That’s what makes him stand out and a hit on several sites, str8 or gay. With his catface and Slavic looks he must be from East European descent.

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