21 thoughts on “Who is lying?

  1. Well, I see the deleted tweets mentioned as deleted by Denz in the Google cache, but didn’t see the syphilis tweet mentioned by the other blog, so there is that. I don’t see the point of tweet out to the world you have syphilis and then deleting it – but creating a fake controversy for page clicks and ratings is a well known practice…

  2. Both of these guys are stains on the internet and they’ve both spread untrue info. Google cache/wayback doesn’t capture anything if he did tweet it, but I reckon Larkin is dumb enough to redact the whole thing and say it never happened.

  3. I’m surprised that gross “Mr pam” woman still not “transitioned”, she has a severe case of autoandrophilia.
    And this Ricky guy… Gosh…

  4. Ricky is a known piece of human trash, while Zach does like to hold a grudge and won’t cover anything negative wrt the people who employ him. In this case though I’d believe Zach’s story over Ricky’s.

  5. Who gives a flying fuck if Ricky has syphilis or not. One thing is for sure, he doesn’t have damn brain. He’s homophobic, racist and is boring as hell.

  6. Ricky Larkin and Zach are both gross. Zach plays favorites if he likes a gay porn star he will rarely say anything negative. Zach blog sucks.

  7. My guess…lover’s tiff. It’s just like Jack Mackenroth accusing (maybe justly, we still don’t know) of Dolf being a paedophile and beating the shit out of him.
    These guys use Twitter as a weapon, Ricky is known to be sick in the head and if he didn’t Tweet that, he’s always Tweeted worse in the past and not deleted those.

  8. I don’t know… I just read the title, read some of tweet above and I feel I care less about this shitty drama… This just fking boring tbh…

  9. Don’t know who is telling the truth. However, that website is so slanted in all their “reporting”. Plus, block any commenters that don’t agree and fall for all their BS.

  10. is there a porn star or person who ISNT racist or homophobic is this new climate

  11. Zach always censored me for criticizing his habitual bitching about Hillary Clinton. It’s a fucking porn blog – even if I had agreed with him, it’s not a glorious intersectional hub for robust political discourse. He got fired from one blog, started his own when he realized he was scared to do anything else, and then bitchily runs it like a fiefdom with delusions of grandeur. He has every right, but a few good caustic remarks and legit investigations do not make up for his biases and bad attitude.

  12. Ugly gorrila, homophobic piece of shit. And why are women allowed to produce gay porn again? Fuck off into straight porn pls. No wonder gay porn is in the dumps.

  13. Forced gay pussies, heinous cretins and their blogs, sleazy homophobic assholes, fag hag directors and their simps, crazy right wing fascists – oh yeah gay porn is in a great place.

  14. I remember Zach banned me from his blog over the whole Topher thing, and turns out Topher isn’t even dead.

  15. He might as well be. “Topher” that is, not the excuse of a man behind him, but I can’t see any reason that he’ll ever work again.

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