A message from Christian Wilde with regards to your comments about him

Christian Wilde just read the comments on a post about his life update in 2020.

And, this is his reply.

63 thoughts on “A message from Christian Wilde with regards to your comments about him

  1. So he spent years trying to convince everyone that he was straight and strictly gay for pay and now that’s trendy to say you’re fluid or whatever he gets mad at people spotting the lies. Bitch please, you reap what you sew.

  2. Someones sexuality is none of your business. go and get therapy you foolish, person . you are full of insecurities about yourself.. deal with it and stop projecting it on to people you don’t even know

  3. Fuck off dumbass. That’s why these guys take advantage of us, because of the few self-loathing, low self-esteem gullible cunts like you. Thankfully the majority of the people here are not as fucked up as you are.

  4. Says the guy who just tweeted he’ll Skype for $25. Apparently, all his current “fans” still aren’t enough to pay for his habit. Love and light, Christian. Love and light.

  5. I love your definition of andrew and his pathetic alternate accounts: self-loathing and gullible. You couldn’t have described this kind of people better.

  6. Yes but it’s usually because they wanna fuck me and too often it works. Not that that’s a bad thing. LOL.

  7. Says the biggest cunt of them all. I will say one thing though, you are a very patient person because you always comment about how you want to see your beloved straight men doing gay scenes and your wishes hardly (if ever) come true. Patient or gullibe though? I’d go with the latter.

  8. I came to be CW fan around 2017 or so. Long after he became maybe one of the more known PS’s in “gay” porn. What almost immediately became known to me is he is VERY SEXUAL! Extremely sexual ppl come in all varieties PERIOD….whether a fkn hot hot super fit guy fkng fat chick and being able to fk a super hot fit female PS to fking a trans to fkng a guy….can have sex in many situatiobs with many various types of partnees….BUT many doosecminded gays who claim to be “open minded” refuse to accept this simple fact.

  9. So your concept of open-mindedness is that he ‘can’ have sex with anyone. So being open-minded to you doesn’t mean that you acknowledge and respect people’s preferences, boundaries and limitations. To you being open-minded means sticking your dick anywhere as long as it brings you money or ‘fame’. What a peculiar concept, wouldn’t you agree?

  10. Some guys think that ‘libertine’ and ‘libertarian’ mean the same thing.

  11. Mehh🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️… He past and he wasn’t on top of ‘popular’ actor… Don’t care so much about anything he do or said… If he wants to fuck ass fuck ass, if he wants to fuck pussy fuck pussy… I bet no one care who he fuck…

  12. Run Christian, run. You’ve taken notice of Reg and now, like an eager but attention dependent puppy, he’ll follow you around everywhere and obsess over your every move. At the same time he’ll piss on your carpet and tear your curtains any time you stop looking at him.

  13. My issue with Christian (and it’s the same one I have with guys like Wolf Hudson) is that he proclaimed to be so “straight” for so long that how can he not expect some backlash to this day?
    He went out of his way to tell people how straight he was. (Some of us remember his blog….) You can’t reap straight privilege for years and leverage supposed “straightness” for monetary gain then cry foul when people think you’re pulling a gay-for-pay grift when you supposedly finally “come out.”
    Although I’m sure he has evolved sexually, he’s exactly the type of person who wouldn’t surprise me if he still tells his real life friends/family behind the scenes that he’s straight and only gay for the money.
    Some of these guys just come across as performatively bi/pan/fluid rather than 1) actually being so or 2) living their personal lives in an open way to where they’re subjected to the same marginalization as the rest of the LGBTQIA community.
    Don’t get me wrong I’ve always thought he was hot (and one of my favorite scenes of his was the one with Cliff Jensen who is also conveniently performatively bi/pan/fluid or whatever now), but he’ll always be suspect and it’s of his own making. Suck it up buttercup.

  14. Is….is anyone asking the question what took so long? I mean, these comments aren’t from last month…this was a series of posts like a year and a half ago. I mean, all credit to the blog for this PR (and when I saw the post on his Twitter, given I follow him, I immediately knew it was this site before he announced it in the videos)…but… he either did a Google search and it (inexplicably) came up, or he found the site and dug through it looking for stuff about himself.
    Either way, it seems weird to be openly critical of “what people say about you on the Internet”…when it’s clear that you went searching for…wait for it…what people said about you on the internet.

  15. I don’t know why but there’s a population of gay porn watchers who insist that only gay men can legitimately do gay porn. Porn stars of any other orientation (str8 or bi) are simply evil money grabbers. And those who don’t mind having a straight man acting in gay porn are self-loathing and of low self-esteem.
    It’s similar to the debate on whether straight men can play a gay characters in films, I guess? My stance on this is, if a gay man can play a straight character in films, why can’t a straight man play a gay character? With this line of argument, I would also say, why can’t a straight man act in gay porn?
    On top of that, we all have different niches that get us off. Some people like asses, some like shoes; some like bondage, other like cuckolding. If straight men can get off on lesbian porn, why can’t a gay man get off on seeing straight guys having gay sex? Why is straight men seeing straight women having lesbian sex not self loathing, but gay men seeing straight men having gay sex is?
    Can we just accept that each porn niche exists cos it had its market, and just get over the fact that people (even gay men) are different from one another?

  16. Bitch you trying to give logical takes to these absolutely psychotic, extremely vocal and opinionated dumbasses that hover around this blog and non stop post shitty takes that most people aren’t actually concerned about?
    Don’t get stuck in this rabbit hole.

  17. No. Being open minded means that…..BEING OPEN MINDED and accepting whatever ones choices are. He is not hurting u or me by being the way he is.

  18. Oh, poor Phil H…bitter and twisted that like everyone on this blog and actually in the real world and your “life”; Christian doesn’t care enough to quote you.

  19. I thought that fug whore was dead, lmao.
    Reg, congrats for this milestone! These whores don’t like facts.

  20. How is anyone taking advantage of you? These are not your friends or lovers, and they have made no promises to you. They simply put on a show for you for some scraps. Stop pretending to be a victim.

  21. I have been a Christian’s fan since his early porn (e.g. Like ‘Em Straight, etc.,). I’m pretty sure that I’ve never heard/seen him try to convince anyone or mentioned that he’s straight or gay4pay.
    I like him because his performance and chemistry with co stars always great.
    Totally agreed that positive and happy people dont talk shit about others. 😀
    Glad to see you back Christian.

  22. Agreed. I remembered Chris on the older Defiant Men site. He’s never mentioned his sexuality, he always, no matter who he is with, man or woman, enjoys what he’s doing. People who bitch about guy like Chris have too much time on their hands, and there are worse people doing porn; Sgt Miles, Lucas, Porter.

  23. I think a lot of people are really sick and tired of G4P porn stars, who would jump at the chance to do straight porn and pretend like they were never in gay porn.
    On top of that, these people insist on labelling themselves as straight, even those who are clearly bi or gay, and thus they perpetuate the idea that sexual orientation is a choice. It’s not. There’s no amount of money that could make me hard in front of a naked woman because I’m gay. Similarly, there’s no way 99% of these G4P models who identify as straight are in fact straight. They’re clearly bisexual and have a lot of internalized homophobia.
    I don’t even know WHY we need G4P stars in this day and age. Social media is full of super hot GAY guys so why do studios like MEN seek straight guys and put them on a pedestal. Malik is a straight guy who won’t even kiss their partners and says how much he hates having sex with guys, and yet MEN made him their new rising star.
    Gay 4 Pay is a contentious thing that is getting worse and worse, and people are starting to fight back. We deserve better than to lust after straight guys who find gay sex repulsive, or bi or gay guys who are in denial due to internalized homophobia. We need to do better and speak with our wallets so studios know G4P is no longer okay in 2021.

  24. Sorry to say this but, people who become this emotionally attached to total strangers, aren’t usually in their rightest minds… Anytime a porn actor they’re obsessed with turns out to be something different than in their fantasy, it triggers their rejection trauma.

  25. Your sentence structure is fucking awful there Reg. Sort yourself out.
    I actually don’t care if Christian Wilde quotes me or not. The last scene of his I saw was quite a few years ago, and even then I’d not be chasing after his life beyond the scenes I saw. That’s how normal people are Reg… they watch porn without obsessing over the personal lives of the performers. That’s why you’re not normal.

  26. If you think these ‘straight’ men who do gay porn and act like a complete jerk aren’t hurting you and me and the gay community indirectly that just proves how dumb you are. Lots of people here have already explained why.

  27. G4P is a rotten fact of the industry, most of the talent doesn’t even hold a candle to earlier studio work, where the persons sexuality was rarely discussed. The trend of “straight” men working in this field will continue…until they come to terms with reality. You don’t end up in this field of work being 100 percent straight.
    Some eventually get it.

  28. If you’re old enough then it’s very dumb or misinformed of you to say he never claimed to be straight. The guy used to have a blog about being a straight guy doing gay porn for goodness’s sake.

  29. Amen. The people who don’t get this are just too dumb or too obsessed with the fantasy of straight men to understand it and it’s just sad that we still have this kind of gay men.

  30. Just a quick comment: I am happy 85% of the time, the rest is due to have to pay bills, traffic, the heat, shitty ass politicians, and the sight of Trump. I enjoy porn. I ESPECIALLY dig gay4pay / str8 men who do gay porn / military str8 men in porn. Hey, we all have our tastes in porn, what type of guys turn us on. : BUT when they speak on social media and give their opinions on their platforms or do interviews- and SHIT LIKE THIS vomits out- then I hit “delete” on their work and all future work. Christian Wilde was never in my top 10 to begin with, he’s mediocre AT BEST in his work, hate the ink. Dude, you bitch that you “being gay or not” when in today’s society (especially in porn) NO ONE CARES, you look LIKE AN IDIOT. Dude you’re way too late to jump on THAT parade route.

  31. It is ONE thing to play a gay character in a mainstream film, and a very different thing to do so in a pornographic movie where performers actually need to get an erection to do their job. This comparison is utterly stupid.

  32. The ones who support FTM freaks in gay porn should fuck the shut up about G4P performers in gay porn.
    Hypocrites cunts.

  33. I’m assuming this response is meant for the other guy and not for me because I’m on your side when it comes to gay for pay and this ridiculousness of straight sex in gay porn.

  34. Christian Wilde never said he is gay. But the man IS sexually attracted to other men. If you are a member of his only fans like I am you would know this. He is sucking cock and he fucked Johnny Rapid and Johnny Hill up the ass recently.

  35. Sexuality is a spectrum and Christian is sucking cock and fucking other men on his only fans. His only fans is his account his choice. I won’t mention names but there are other porn models who work in gay porn who do NOT have sex with other men on their only fans or just4fans accounts. They only fuck women on their own accounts. Yes models do only fans for money but the porn they put out there is their choice.

  36. Urgh…what’s wrong with just being gay! All this shades of grey and fluidity…if you genuinely identify as gay, then you are made to feel ashamed of that and labelled as biphobic and transphobic. The worst thing is when someone goes identify as gay and has sex with women…because it makes people believe, “Oh, he just hasn’t met the right woman yet.”

  37. Christ…if you’re “normal” then you must be very lonely, what with absolutely everyone else in the world being “abnormal”.

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