A message from Christian Wilde with regards to your comments about him

Christian Wilde just read the comments on a post about his life update in 2020.

And, this is his reply.

63 thoughts on “A message from Christian Wilde with regards to your comments about him

  1. Why thank you! You know you’ve made it when porn z-listers shame you on Twitter 😉

  2. Aww shucks 🙂 And my guess is that his life revolves around it. He must sit around all day, Googling himself, obsessing about it and finally tries to make himself relevant by Tweeting.

  3. There’s no need to call me Christ. Sir will do just fine.
    And no, I’m not particularly lonely. I have a husband, I have friends. I have a life beyond stalking porn stars online, unlike some people I could mention whose names may rhyme with ‘Veg’.

  4. There is nothing wrong with being gay. But gay people we need to understand some men who work in gay porn are sexually fluid. To make gay porn I believe a man MUST have a sexual attraction to other males. The money in gay porn isn’t good. If a man works in gay porn sucking other men dicks and fucking other men up the ass chances are they are attracted to other males.

  5. The dude is a douche bag. He lived where I do. He was conceited as fuck. He’s not a good or bad person based on his sexuality. He’s just a douche bag. If you’re not “cute” he won’t talk to you. He was so sexy but after his illness he looks old and he’s not relevant anymore. I mean now everyone makes porn. I don’t buy his victim role I’m sorry.

  6. Except it’s not. It doesn’t take much for a guy to get an erection. TONS of performers both gay and yes, EVEN STRAIGHT porn actors use some sort of drug to perform when the action calls for it. Straight/bi guys are willing to do other men because it pays more. THIS IS THE REALITY.

  7. Since at least the 1970s SOME of the hottest and best performers in gay porn are guys who identified as str8 or who were labeled by others as str8. Without many of them gay porn would not have been as good. The beautiful awesome Dawson of CF was my first porn fantasy crush. He was beautiful, muscular and a great performer as a bottom or top. Dawson wherever you are today I hope you are happy and know how happy you made me and a lot of gay porn viewers.

  8. wow (9 insults from total stranger who has never met me . That tells me all i need to know about you …

  9. Oh I hear that so often it gets boring, but I guess some people feel compelled to state the obvious.

  10. I mourn for Chad Bannon, Chad Ullery…whatever he called himself. Before he “reformed” and tried to deny it ever happened, he took a dick like a champ and looked great doing it. He was early 90’s, but there really were some gorgeous guys working in porn. I used to love Caesar before the steroids and straight lifestyle and. SO. Many. Others.

  11. What a sad human being you are and the irony is its clear you hare yourself … imagine waisting your intelligence and energy on a porn blog….

  12. The most hilarious thing…he’s on Chaturbate right this minute, looking every bit cracked-out. He’s not responding to anything anyone says in the chat, it might possibly be a pre-recorded show and it’s absolutely all you’d expect from him.

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