20 thoughts on “Jayden Marcos as an exclusive of Next Door Studios

  1. Seeing the “Bi Guys Fuck” logo is enough for me to say 👎
    Since no guy is really gay anymore in the gay porn industry, it has made me think of gutting what kind of gay porn I watch. Which is very little.

  2. So Jayden thought he was finally done with gay porn and that he would be the next big thing in straight porn. Fast forward a couple of weeks and here he is back at what he desperately wanted to steer clear of because he realized no one probably cares about him that much. Normally these guys make me sick but this time I ain’t mad, I’m actually quite amused.

  3. Oh yeah another disposable model who declared a while ago that he is not doing gay porn anymore because gay studios do not meet his salary request. Guess that went out of the window because of sheer desperation and the straight porn industry spit him out. Exclusive or not I don’t see the charm in this gayforpay model.

  4. I guess that Hussie wasn’t enough to pay the bills, so Jayden had to go craw back to gay porn with his limp dick between his legs. I’ve never seen this guy with a fully hard dick in any gay scenes. It will be interesting to see how he does in bareback gay scenes with better direction and a less grueling (GayHoopla makes their performers shoot several scenes a day) schedule. I hate Collin Simpson, but I’ll admit (be objective) that he improved there and his scenes with Brandon Anderson and Justin Matthews are good.

  5. Even if Jayden stated he was leaving gay porn and came back that was a decision he made for himself and putting him down for it isn’t something that is new on here. He is a good looking guy young but, good looking. There are several porn stars stating that they are leaving and have come back, he definitely not the first one to state this and he certainly won’t be the last one either. If putting him down makes you feel good then go ahead and do it but, what he does matter is his decisions and he is the one that has to live with them. He is a little bit of an improvement for NDS and now we can see how this goes and how long he stays.

  6. He’s a good looking guy, especially with a dick up his arse. NDS makes pretty competent (if rarely the most exciting) porn, so there’s much worse places he could end up. No complaints here.

  7. Jayden stated that he wanted more money to be in gay scenes and that he was going to stick to pussies and transexuals at Hussie. That didn’t last long! I wonder how much money NDS is paying him. He should know by now that the majority of his fans are gay men. He probably noticed that his populaity was slipping in straight porn.

  8. Better site than Gayhoopla and he gets bonus points for the Fairy Tail new tattoo

  9. Seems like among the folks who like Gayhoopla/BiGuysFuck/HotGuysFuck or among the folks who are not grinding their axes, this Jayden Marcos was pretty popular. I don’t understand his appeal. His appearance is ok but his performance doesn’t seem to indicate he authentically likes sex with guys and neither does his acting abilities allow him to pretend. I neither hate nor love the company and while I no doubt have my prejudices like everyone else, I do judge him and everyone else by everything else and he doesn’t really impress me.

  10. I’ve always thought that Jayden is a pretty bright guy who figured out right from the start that bottoming pays the most and he went right for it. But it probably would have helped if he’d saved some of the money he spent on tattoos which would have helped him get through the lean days of the pandemic. Hopefully he’s learned that he’ll never earn more money than bottoming pays him, certainly not in straight or trans porn, and he’d better keep at it for as long as he can. Anyway, its nice to see him earning again and I hope he’s happy now.

  11. Good comment. You’re very nice. What are you doing here amongst the bitter queens?

  12. In a recent Twitter rant, Donte Thick stated that he made $2000 per gay scene and $500 for bi scenes. Since the vast majority of his gay scenes were at NDS, I’m thinking $2000 is their standard pay scale for a non-exclusive model. For an exclusive like Jayden, my guess is they’re paying him $3000 per scene with a guaranteed number of scenes over a specified period of time. It could be as high as $3500, but $4000 seems out of the question.

  13. Just stating what i think should be said. He hasn’t said anything bad about anyone and he isn’t hurting anyone. So any decisions he makes is what he has to live with. But, anyone that is bitter can say what they want, if Jayden feeds into it again it is up to him. But, these pages are fun to reply to. I just say it how I see it. Thanks Scooter

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