18 thoughts on “Dylan, King Scot & Kane Hardy

  1. Kane is the bomb–his ginger pubes are hot and so is everything else about him including his taste for cum.

  2. I’m not interested in watching another boring, gay-for-pay dud fucking that homely, overrated, limp-dicked, acne-faced zombie Rocky. Dylan isn’t cute enough.
    King Scot is cute and has a great ass. It’s too bad that he always looks drugged up all the time. He’s always limp.
    Kane Hardy is cute and a solid performer. It’s too bad that he’s at that trash studio. He could be a top performer at a better studio that has good directors. He seems like a nice guy.

  3. I think the scene is boring (thanks to bad direction and editing), but I like what I see from Kane Hardy. He kissed, ate ass, sucked dick, swallowed cum. His dick stayed hard and he fucked well. I want him to go to a better studio.

  4. 👆🏼Another example why this blog is notorious for being THE MOST hateful, spiteful, bitter place to read comments. I lurk here to see the porn tweets and newcomers but DAMN if I don’t wanna take a shower after reading most of the comments. The worst is Croft. Followed by a rogue’s gallery of bitterness. Not a pleasant post ever. I guess the moderator Denz approves. Some of the features literally invite the dregs to post their poisonous ☠️ thoughts. It’s sad really.

  5. Trump supporter Rocky deserves my honest opinion of him. I think he’s unattractive and a usually dead fuck. He’s been in the industry for five years and he STILL hasn’t found a solution for his pizza face. I’m glad that Elian (a hot, good performer) got his skin under control.
    Scot King DOES look drugged up in his sex scenes. I still think he’s hot.
    I like (for now) Kane Hardy. I will always pan that dreadful studio he’s at.

  6. Oh, these lousy POV videos…I want to see both the guys! Otherwise, you might as well just have the bottom on a butt-machine.

  7. I was thinking the new site would have comment connect to platform that can track responses to your comments and upvote down vote,but you can’t comment there. Is that because the site is not done yet or is that your intention I’m curious

  8. I’m with you. This stuff is getting tired. Same tired opinions, just different names.

  9. King Scott has a fucking hot ass! I wouldn’t care if he got hard or not or whether he had a cock or not, I’d fuck him! I don’t really watch much porn anymore. Don’t know whether it’s because I’ve seen so much over the years that it no longer has the arousing appeal it used to for me or if it’s just that most of it is a substandard repetitive formula. Probably a mixture of both.
    As for the g4p controversy, it’s never going away. It seems to particularly more intense than ever. I have my (strong) opinions about it, but I’m just worn out by the discussion so I am not going to wade into it this time. I’m reserving that right for another time if I choose to throw my opinion into the mix again.

  10. Would like to see Dylan back for at least 10 more scenes. CF needs guys like him.

  11. Scot King does look stoned in this scene. But it really does not matter, he uber sexy and exceedingly hot. Men tend to treat me as their bottom, but I would so screw his incredibly delicious ass.

  12. Totally agree Scooter. I swear the announcement could be that world peace has been achieved, and someone’s going to come on here bitching about how he can’t find ammo for his bb shooter. Debbie Downers doesn’t begin to describe some of the trolls on here…sad lives they must live.

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