Possible explanation for the missing videos at Sean Cody

Back in December, I was told by a rep of Sean Cody that the missing videos will be back in a week. The screenshot I took at that time listed 863 videos.


It's now down to 807 after 7 months.


The possible explanation for the missing videos is from a comment sent by Kelton "I live in San Diego and recently talked to on of the behind the scenes crew and he explained the problem. The pornhub scandal put a focus that all videos produced and each of the models are required to obtain and keep documentation for each production including proof of each models age by having a copy of their government ID, a signed dated release from each model for each scene they are in. When Sean Cody changed ownership those in charge neglected to either check that each release, proof of ID, basically all the required documentation for each model and for each video was obtained and filed. All of the missing content due to lack of documentation can no longer be verified so therefore can not be available for viewing. That the situation that all missing videos from the past will not be offered as part of their collection."

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  1. Oh, it’s because they were shooting with underage guys for sure. I still remember when Sean Cody first got started and also Corbin Fisher…their videos started disappearing and a few of those guys appeared on other sites, a year or two after their SC and CF videos, as 18-year old newcomers.

  2. I don’t know about the potential for Sean Cody to have shot with underage guys but it seems highly unlikely that could explain all videos from a 2 year period missing.
    I forget their production schedule that far back. How many videos are missing? Somewhere between 8 and 12 per month, thus 200ish scenes? If one person was in charge of maintaining these critical records, copies of photo ID’s and signed model release forms, then that person was so incompetent to loose 2 years worth and whoever was in charge of this person and ultimately the owner himself or anyone else up the food chain failed to verify this work was being performed?! WOW!
    Save for the actual video camera footage files themselves, I cannot imagine anything else in the operation more important. In fact, to hell with the fact these videos are now removed from their site, they WERE published and available for years and if they did not actually possess these records and IF a performer was somehow underage, the legal exposure would be clear. Hell, what do I know…I’m no lawyer. It just seems like it would be difficult to claim you did not know a performer was underage if you have nothing to show they provided a fake ID.

  3. Well, except for the sites created by MindGeek, all of these sites started off as independent. Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Randy Blue, Jake Cruise, Chaos Men, Straight College Guys, Drake Rock…they were all one guy’s vision and built a brand. Sean Cody was started 20-years ago and things were a lot different then. Making content, earning money…building a brand that you could sell to MindGeek years later, was all more important that finding out if you were making kiddie porn. It was easier to shoot it and take it down later if you found they were children at the time…if they even asked at all. The same goes for testing. Two decades ago, it was all condoms, so who cared if the models were riddled. Nowadays, it’s ID’s and testing, but seriously…it was not then.

  4. Not only Sean Cody videos. The contents of Boys First Time, Papi, Gay Revenge, Reality Thugs and many videos from Men.com are offline, probably by the same reason.

  5. I imagine a team at MindGeek are pouring through the old videos, cross-referencing them with the facts they have, taking down anything they can’t prove and wiping the slate clean. They pound out new trash, so anything that’s even slightly iffy is going in the bin!

  6. This is why torrent sites are argued to be preservers. Lol. The videos exist you just got to dig for them. But it is disappointing since part of the me never ship people pay is to have access to all those archived scenes.

  7. And yet Chaosmen (in spite of being sold off hasn’t had a massive chunk of its video backlog get taken offline.
    Bryan’s one man show, kept better records than Sean Cody?!

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  9. Hello-
    what exactly is the “porn hub scandal” referred to in
    Kelton’s post at top?

  10. Just search the web for “New York Times Pornhub article” and you’ll get the picture.

  11. I vaguely remember the early days of SC. At the time SC himself was described as a computer consultant who decided to use his spare time while travelling for jobs to create the videos. He even supposedly appeared (if that was really him, we’ll never really know) in one scene where he was sitting in a chair, barely visible, while the bottom rode his cock. My favorite at the time was video #8 where a latino guy jerked while kneeling on a bed and put out a really impressive load. But none of those videos are available now. So it would appear that the original guy, SC or whomever, was responsible for whatever recordkeeping occurred, or lack thereof, back in those days. I’m guessing that if he didn’t put a lot of thought into preparing and having release forms with him as he travelled, and didn’t have a photocopier available for the IDs, that might help explain why there are so many missing videos from the early days before he/they switched to shooting all of the videos in the house.

  12. Sean Cody (nom de plum’) himself was a cute preppy guy who started SC when he was, I’d surmise, in his thirties. He did appear in a few of his early videos with a few of his choice models but always clothed. In one write up he stated that it would be the final one but he couldn’t resist doing it with that particular model. (He was hot!)

  13. And let’s not forget, it was the Christians who burned it. It’s tragic to think of the many great Greek tragedies that were lost.

  14. I have 9 videos with Sean Cody in them from 2002-2003. In all of them, he sucked off the models (as Bryan Ockert did). But the videos in which he appeared were removed from the site LONG ago.

  15. I think, under the circumstances, that those individuals who downloaded the currently missing scenes could/should upload them on to a reliable porn sharing site that wasn’t/isn’t in a frenzy removing content for fear of non compliance. Pornhub/Mindgeek blatant act of ignoring or disregard multiple requests to remove homemade videos that contained underage participants,revenge porn where someone’s ex posts private videos without consent of all those involved to humiliate/embarrass an ex, performers where sex trafficted and forced to perform, and the list goes on due to their lack of moral, ethical and legal compliance has directly impacted many porn sites and the direct cause of some closing shop, ie xtube.

  16. Back. In. The Day…I kept an active CF subscription, I downloaded and kept the updates on an external hard drive. Back then, they also used to number the videos and I noticed the missing numbers. They actually didn’t remove the videos from their server, just from view, so I download the missing ones. Oh, I don’t have them anymore…but they took down A LOT of their videos.
    I also don’t think people remember the original spinoff sites, including “Dirk” pretending to be a dead body on a slab, in a video that was filmed in a morgue. It was a seriously gross fetish off-shoot and there were a few more, before CF focussed on itself and deleted the rest…

  17. About this question of the missing videos, you guys can check all of them in this update version of my guide (I’ve update it today, some videos are back, like de Boyd’s solo). All in red in the master list are removed after the PornHub Scandal, the red ones in the document are removed long time ago, like the very first videos. I hope that it help the people that collect. I did guides for other studios, like CF and CM.

  18. I have all CF videos, but not the photosets. The missing in my collection are the photosets related to the videos removed before 2008.

  19. Thanks! My hat is off to anyone devoting the time and energy to compile a database like this.

  20. I think my favourite model was Pete. He did a few videos himself, but then started that SC Podcast…was it Pete’s Closet or something? They sacked him in the big shake-up and when they got rid of all the behind-the-scenes crew and the video quality went down. I always wondered what happened to him, but I’d love to see him back…maybe even with his own site.

  21. Thank you SO much for this list! I’ve been a member of SC forever but many of the older vids I downloaded just have a number, and I never bothered to add the name. Now I can go back to my hard drives and name all these precious old vids. Please let us know if there’s a place where we can find updates to your guide, as well as your guides to CF and CM. Thanks again!

  22. I’m always updating the guides, but release them até the beginning ir the New Year. ALL of them are disponible in some Torrent sites. Men, CF, CM, Randy Blue, The Bait Bus, Out in Public, Broke Straight Boys, College Dudes, haver their respective guides, ALL for free. My last one is for Boys First Time.

  23. I wonder if someone downloaded these videos if they can they be sold..

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