Malik Delgaty is an exclusive of Men, now with 17 videos listed on the site as the top.



Malik is now first on the list of top 10 models at Men, previously held by Diego Sans, who is now 2nd on the list.



Malik’s brother, Clark, joined Twitter this month.

Clark has a fan site so it’s just a matter of time that he will film for gay porn (alongside Malik at Men?).

29 thoughts on “The brother of Malik Delgaty

  1. Clark is fine but my booty would belong to the muscle man Malik. Just a hot look from Malik and I’d be face down ass up or I’d be like sexy Thyle Knoxx drooling while looking up at the Malik man waiting to get taken to pound town.

  2. The one who’s into guy on guy action. The one who’s into bottoming. The one who likes to kiss. I guess it’s too much to ask for lol!

  3. I’d like to know how they’re calculating their “top models” Diego Sans.. Malik.. nope, not even close.

  4. To be honest neither of them is anything to turn a head. When a guy shaves to make them look like a 9 yr old is just gross. Since Malik is just g4p and his brother would be too, like I said nothing to turn a head to take a second look. When MEN.COM voted him as no. 1 what were they going by? Have no Idea at least Diego Sans has a reason not to bottom anymore bc of the promise he made to his partner. What reason does Malik have? His brother would probably be the same way, shaved and a total top. Neither one are appealing.

  5. Oh, great…more tops. Do realize that porn actually involves someone sucking a dick, getting fucked by a dick and being more involved than a fleshlight or a blow-up doll?
    Unless Clark is, or gets trained up as a power bottom, then they’re going to be left with what maybe they really want…a website entirely made up of tops and oh, so if they won’t get fucked, I guess they’ll just have to start fucking WOMEN.

  6. i cant stand these people who complain about g4p models. or theres the whole ‘no way hes straight” crowd. its entertainment guys. malik nor his brother is ever going to screw any of us.

  7. It’s not entertainment when they go online on their social accts and call people faggots, queers and any other names they can think of just to put gay people down even tho gays are the ones that are supporting them. So go ahead and think all you want about g4pers bc you are a supporter. But, they are the problem we have been trying to get away from “hate” and they don’t help one fuckin bit.

  8. Out of curiosity, have you seen anything from Malik Delgaty or his brother to suggest they call gay men faggots or are otherwise homophobic?
    I have very little interest in Delgaty because i prefer performers to be more involved with their scene partners. But as much as he’s one-note and lazy as a performer I’ve seen nothing to suggest he’s problematic.

  9. The ones that are problematic are gay men really. Have we forgotten Jack and Dolf a while ago?

  10. That’s not the point. I was specifically asking Tigger to explain his reasoning for assuming these guys are homophobes because they’re g4p (again that’s an assumption… the younger Delgaty may well be gay).
    Messy people exist regardless of sexuality.

  11. Besides all of the above, why would anyone believe that the new guy is really the brother of the old guy? Its just a couple of made up names for 2 guys who have similar hair color. In this day and age, any claim without DNA testing is unproven.

  12. Delgaty always talks about how much he hates gay sex and finds it disgusting. He’s not subtle about it either. He doesn’t respect his audience.
    But I know you’re fine with gays being disrespected, so I’m sure you won’t care.

  13. I’ve seen a couple interviews, the most recent one with Evan Peix on YouTube he specifically talks about how he doesn’t like sex with men but “has to” for the money.
    Hearing that out of his mouth made me immediately realize that I no longer found him worth watching.
    Is he hot? Yes. But knowing that he finds it disgusting not only explains his lackluster performances, but the limitations on the acts. Therefore, no more money from me.

  14. Delgaty has had some interviews out there that he states he hates the gay sex. That’s a clear showing of being a homophobe and to top it off he can’t even perform right at all in front of the camera. People still pay to see him just because he is muscle bound. He isn’t even good looking at all.

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