3 teams producing content for Chaos Men

A rep from the new owners of Chaos Men informed affiliates that there are 3 teams producing content for the site to determine who will members like the most as they move forward without Bryan Ockert, former owner of Chaos Men.

I am guessing base on location, furniture & models that there is one producer from the US and two from Eastern Europe.

While, the other updates are leftover scenes prior to the sale of Chaos Men.

There is still a chance that Brian will produce content for the new owners of Chaos Men. Currently, he is busy with his Peep Show site.

24 thoughts on “3 teams producing content for Chaos Men

  1. I am annoyed by the site so I canceled my membership. When they first went through the sell my membership was locked out and I lost a month of viewing. I thought it was something I did but I found out it was due to this fucked up sell.

  2. I cancelled my membership. I’m not interested in seeing the same Euromodels who are on every Eurosite. The general quality of CM output has been dropping for awhile now. While Bryan purchased cameras that recorded crystal clear videos, the models were not the same quality as the CM of the past, just like most studios these days. RIP.

  3. I too cancelled my membership. Was a member of the site for years and actually was very happy to support Bryan and his site. But when he sold(good for him) I was out. European is not good at all.

  4. anyone has a support email/contact that actually works for the site.. since I got a new subscription ID I can NOT log in anymore altho CCBILL still says the old pass should work.. IT DOES NOT
    the support email that´s listed is Bryans old one and no one responds… support serction is broken and gives a blank page…

    1. I’d get your credit card to dispute the subscription. Sometimes the only way to get a response is if you take your money back.

      1. hm.. well… thanks… but I´d actually like to keep the subscription for now cause I got a VERY LOW rate which I could never get back…
        + I´d be dsiputing CCBILL and not the website so they´d probably blacklist me too…

          1. THANKS !!!
            CCBILL now replied and promised to sort it out… so far it´s still not working and I got 2 day free access for one week messed so far (LOL)

        1. Unfortunately he did fuck pussy. He did a JockPussy scene with Luke Hudson. Ate pussy, fucked pussy bareback and cream pied the pussy.

          1. Haven”t you heard? It’s not considered a pussy if it’s attached to someone who calls themself a man.

    1. Jack Hunter has made some choices in his career that put him where he is now. He’s also never gone for studio exclusivity and frequented Icon Entertainment which surely did NOT go over well for him. Most of his body of work now is with MEN on JFF. Because… he’s actually probably a gold star gay.

  5. I swear MS.Hunter being in this industry for as long as he did, he always looks so sad, bored and just miserable. Girl just quit, you obviously don’t enjoy what you do and it shows.

    1. He kind of does have that blah face frequently nowadays. I used to be a super fan of his till he started making some questionable career choices but I’ve seen that too. He looks bored of things. Usually that’s when it’s time to say farewell and pull an Ace Era. What happened to that guy?

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