8 thoughts on “Cost cutting at Chaos Men

  1. Yeah the drop of quality has been IMMEDIATELY obvious the minute BO sold.
    Filling up content with Eastern European stuff and homeshot-looking generic scenes like these. Zero new performers in weeks.
    I thought CM’s death would be a tad slower but looks like they are intent on rushing it.

  2. The gay porn industry is collapsing financially. We’ve known this for a while, hence the introduction of non-gay porn to so many gay porn sites to ‘diversify’.

    P.S. Mason Lear looks like he would give you an STD if you fucked him. Is there a place that guy’s dick hasn’t been?

    1. It is true. The risk takers have still been active, especially now that activity in the USA has picked up. Fresh faces appear at the fringe studios or pop up on only just for fan sites. With all the extra travel requirements for public health the prices being offered to perform aren’t attracting the bevy of models we have seen in the recent past.

  3. This is what’s going to happen…the Chaos Men brand, but videos populated with old timers. No new models, just the existing bargain basement.

  4. I know I’m a dinosaur, but I love studio porn and mourn its demise. Grainy, blurry photos and videos taken with a phone just don’t come close to the crystal-clear stills and videos of the good studios. Pro vs amateur, basically. In my opinion OnlyFans has its place but as a replacement for pro studio work it’s just lackluster.

  5. That Draven guy is hideous. Old, bloated, balding and ugly. Instant boner killer.

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