26 thoughts on “Dorian of Active Duty passed away in 2019

    1. Cash is not Dead you’re confusing Conner with Cash. Cash aka Calhoun Sawyer i haven’t read that he is dead.

  1. Strange that was right about the same time they found Cash body. And then there were none!

      1. Nah, the news was it was an OD. (and the blame was put on his toxic adoptive family). It was some years ago.

  2. Dorian was the love of my life, I jacked off to him probably hundreds of times. He made me realize I was really gay. So sad. I wish I knew where to bring him flowers. RIP.

  3. I wish they wouldnt post these.. the people on this site can be so toxic. luckily, no one has said anything negative yet. I hate hearing about sad news on porn sites where I come to look for j/o material πŸ™

  4. Really sad. He was hot in all the right ways. I miss the old Active Duty. That site was pure magic.

  5. How repulsive these “humans” are on here worrying about their jack off material. I wish you nothing but the bad karma that hopefully is coming your way. Rot in hell, all of you disgusting pigs.

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