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  1. The sad part about OnlyFans is that you get very little or nothing for your subscription from some of these guys. I give someone I like the chance to put something online. If I don’t like it, I cancel.
    No Mr. Louis, you are not a sex machine but you are selling something to the viewers and regardless you should either refund the money if you are not in the move or move on. I do. Move my money on to a model who consistently post that is.

  2. But, but…the whole point is that you ARE a sex robot that only exists to satisfy people’s sexual desires. Otherwise, why charge a monthly subscription? It could just as soon be free and he just charge for posts…but he wants something for nothing.

    1. I know right!? Not posting for over 2 and a half weeks and then referring to himself as if someone would consider him a sex robot for that NON-WORK is just rich! Fucking entitled conman!

  3. I totally agree with both posts on this so far.
    It gets old listening to these “sex workers” who make their entire living off of sex/porn/fans $ take the $ at every chance then bitch about being noticed, bothered by fans, or spoke to in a certain way.
    With the different social media outlets we constantly have to listen to these con-men, grifters, and in some cases thieves complain about being objectified. Sorry fellas, that’s what YOU sell!
    If you promise a “product” and take $ for it, you DO have to deliver. I just peaked at his twitter. The first few tweets as well as his home page practically BEG people to follow and give him $.
    Having said all that… My God, This guy has not been relevant for a long time. He only did a few scenes at a real studio. He is down to the end of the porn road : chaturbait, f4f, Only Fans…..
    You would think he would be thrilled if anyone noticed him at all.

  4. I love this thread, I agree with everything that those before me said. What I would add is that there is the other end of the spectrum where they pull you in with a cheap rate and then they dangle carrots in front of you for $25, $50, and $75 for a 3 – 5 minute video that often doesn’t show anything. These kids run all over the world thinking this is how they make money. At least the studios provide consistent length, regular scheduled releases, and good quality viewing. Get used to it boys (and girls) at some point you have to WORK for the money.

  5. If Raphael is going to state that he would rather have you not follow him then don’t follow him. But, I agree if they are going to state that they are going to start putting up more product on a certain date then do so, Don’t go on other social medias to state that people should follow you by buying your product if the product is not there. No one is stating that you have to put stuff up everyday but, at least once a week is good, not posting once a month because that is just ripping off customers that are paying you for content. There are a lot of idiots on OF that do this and they just need to be up to date on their end or get off OF and go find a real job. Raphael is not even that good looking to pay to see his stuff.

  6. Only fans sucks ever since the almost cancelation of the porn got me thinking. Most porn on only fans ends up on the internet anyway. Sometimes it takes a week or two but some one puts it online. I agree with the fan complaint against the porn model. It is a WASTE of money to subscribe to a porn model yet they don’t update their porn! Gabriel Cross and a few other British models like Josh Moore are very good. They are consistent with their content. I also want to add Josh and Gabriel don’t charge an additional fee to see the porn like some models.

  7. You don’t have to post every single day to have an excellent page, but you need to be consistent and possibly grow in intensity as you post. Nick Sandell, Christian Wilde and, very recently, Jason Phoenix (Ronin Love) come to mind as excellent examples of that…

  8. In addition to providing poor service due to the delay, responding rudely to a subscriber sounds unprofessional. He seems to be a bad “pro” who, after subscription is paid, forgets posts should be constant. I’ve also seen complaints from subscribers of Paddy O’Brian and Brandon Anderson. Excessive delay in posting new content is disrespect to the consumer.

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