3 thoughts on “From Gay Hoopla to My Friends’ Feet for Derek Jones & Leo Gotti

  1. He ruined himself with those awful tattoos. And his sex performances on his OnlyFans are even worse than what it was at Gayhoopla of you can believe that.

  2. He might have always been, but certainly became one of the powers behind GayHoopla a long time ago. Now, he’s using all the guys on his OnlyFans, like Sean Costin, in utterly lousy video…and he also has lost all of his muscle, in favour of just looking emaciated. He was never young, even when he first started, but he’s coming across as just a sad and tragic old man.

    There’s nothing sexy about him and @Rockhard288 is right about how lousy his sex “performances” are.

  3. We all have different sexual urges and desires, but it has always seemed odd to me to be sucking on a guys feet when his good dick is just a few feet away.

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