21 thoughts on “Super Spreader

  1. The title is clearly supposed to imply that some sort of disease is being spread by the sex they’re having, which is an allusion to covid and/or bug chasing bullshit. How the gay community managed to normalize that fucked up idea is beyond me.

    1. Leave to us as a community to do exactly that, BUT aren’t the companies all run by the Str8 community?

      1. A lot are these days, but I’m not sure about this one. A lot of the behind the scenes creatives at these companies are still gay (or lgbt) I believe.

        1. FraternityX, Slam Rush Sketchy Sex are all owned by a certain dude named Jeremy Hall. The same dude that had drug problems in the past, making all of this a thing

  2. Funny thing is that they’re trying to play on the dumb ass fantasy of some sort of disease being spread. Obviously we know that’s in super poor taste but the sad thing is that Armando de Armas actually had COVID. He went through hell with the virus. You know it’s official… gay porn is fucked up in so many ways that it’s scary.

      1. I know that, I’m just saying that the double part means there are 2 interpretations and I see it as more of the ass related interpretation. So I think that those who immediately jumped on it as a disease related interpretation are going a little overboard.

        1. I don’t care. The fetishizing of bug chasing needs to stop. The allusion alone should be an instant turn off. It’s only the gay community that dabbles in screwed up shit like bug chasing. It’s nihilist and gross.

  3. Serious scene, Jessie is sensational bottom for Armando–always thought he was faking being bi, no one can be bi and be that kind of a bottom.

  4. Who knew that sexy muscular Jesse Stone would be such an awesome bottom man. His high pitch crying while getting fucked must have made his top man feel like a super stud. Go Jesse!!!

      1. That high pitch crying sounded real to me. I don’t think a manly looking guy like Jesse would fake a kind of girlie sound.

  5. I haven’t watched a lot of FratX or Sketchy Sex scenes but I prefer Frat X because they focus on one bottom. It makes it easier to follow. SS is just too busy. I want to focus on one pairing and then it cuts off.

  6. The name of the scene is the least of its problems. Ugly men, ugly room, terrible production quality.

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