59 thoughts on “Hot or not – 2nd trans scene at Next Door Studios

  1. The difference is that Jade identifies as a woman, so Johnny B is having straight sex with her, which shouldn’t be on a gay porn studio’s site. Luke Hudson identifies as a man, so Elliot was having gay sex with him.

      1. Dafuq you talking about! He said EXACTLY what is right and what trans people identify as…trans men are men and trans women are women!

    1. When did what you identify as (aka what you call yourself) become more important that actual reality?

      1. What reality are you talking about!? It would he insulting to call a trans man a woman so just because this trans woman still has a cock, shes not a woman then! You need to educate yourself!

    2. Jade can identify how ever she wants but she is still biologically a male. That’s the thing with trans. Again seeing this in gay porn doesn’t make it straight. The video has two dicks in it. It seems like the trans Agenda is pushing this view the gay community we have to accommodate them. This nonsense has no business in gay male porn.

      1. Wow! Talk about disrespectful and ignorant! You actually are kind of agreeing with the post you are arguing with, which is strange. But most likely because you also seem to have an anti-trans agenda. I dont want to see women(cis or trans)in gay porn, but trans men in gay porn is just fine with me. I bet that’s not the case with you though.

        1. You are attempting to have a serious conversation with men who aren’t serious men. They came here to fap. Many gay men, myself excluded, see trans people as less than they are. And for gay men, who have always been on the lowest rung, this is their shot to hurt someone else instead of being hurt and they’re gonna take the shot.

          All that crap about gay men being better than straight men is shot to shit when you observe a bunch of gay dudes talking about trans women, or anyone they see as less than them.

          I mean, how difficult is it to not click on something that you don’t find appealing and move along with your day unfazed? Nope. Gotta hurt someone in the process or it doesn’t count for anything.

          Sadly, no matter the stripes, this is the human being circa 2021.

          1. Wrong, asshole. Gay men are allowed to set boundaries and ask people to respect their orientation. Trans people and their allies are not going to walk all over us with no push back. Sorry about it.

            1. You are simply trying to degrade fellow human beings. And somewhere in that head of yours, you believe there is every any justification for doing so.

              Your language reflects that you know you’re wrong.

              In the simplest of terms, yours are simply not the thoughts or ideas of a serous or intelligent man.

          2. Lmao, no dipshit. Trans people are not the opposite sex no matter how deluded and homophobic they act. Men don’t have pussy and can’t get pregnant.

    3. EXACTLY THIS! Besides it being disrespectful I think to individual models on their identity(by just bundling trans men and trans women together as just “trans”), it also makes it confusing for the customers. Well confusing until we see their is a woman in a gay porn scene…I dont care if she does have a dick, she’s still a woman.

  2. Can be gay porn be gay porn, or is wanting that considered tantamount to a hate crime now?

    Jesus, this shit is getting annoying.

    1. Why do you click on to this site if you think it is obsessed with anything that’s not gay?

      1. To see that thankfully most people here are proud gays who hope to see better gay content rather than being a self-loathing dumb person like you who will defend any pathetic gay for pay performer even though they’d probably be repulsed by you. I guess self-respect is something some people lack, unfortunately.

        1. LOL. Spin it any way you want to disguise the fact that you are a narrow minded person who can’t tolerate people having different sexual interests than yours.

          1. Well I’m not the one who spends all my time posting passive aggressive messages defending the worst kind of people and pretending I’m a nice guy when in fact you are probably the most hated person in all blogs I visit and the biggest hater of them all.

            1. Who are these “worst kind of people” that I defend? How am I “the biggest hater of them all”? Be specific. Don’t just throw out outrageous unsubstantiated charges because you can’t tolerate the fact that I probably have different opinions than you. What name do you go by on the other blogs you visit? I’ve never seen your current name on any blog before.

                1. No specifics. Just wild accusations. I have NEVER DEFENDED homophobes, racists, wife beaters or sex offenders in my life and not on any blog. I have on occasion questioned the validity of charges and accusations made against some porn models. Unlike you and a few other posters on gay blogs I need evidence before I convict a person of a crime. You sound like one of the posters on WB who accuse people of all sorts of evil things base on questionable evidence or no evidence at all. What name do you go by on WB?

                  1. So you need ‘evidence before convicting someone’ but you’re quick to call any gay person narrow-minded, misogynous, transphobic, etc. I guess in your mind gay people who expect gay porn to be better are criminals and the straight people who do gay porn who are actually criminals are victims. You are a very, very messed-up person and the quantity of dislikes in everything you say should give you a hint.

                    1. Yeah it’s interesting how his benefit of the doubt attitude only applies to straight people. He is always condemning the gays for everything they say but magically the straight, fluid, gay for pay and the likes often have his complacency. No wonder people call him a self-loathing, straight worshipper and rightfully so.

                    2. You sound like a very insecure gay man with an inferiority complex whose ego is always in need of reinforcement. The quantity of dislikes I get from cry babies like you and others only reinforces my view that I am right.

                2. It looks like Denz for whatever reason is not allowing my reply to your baseless accusations to be posted. What’s up Denz?

          2. Narrow minded is the people claiming gay men are transphobic for not wanting to fuck pussy. Lol do str8 women get called transphobic for not wanting to sleep with trans men? Don’t think so. It’s just another form of homophobia. Fuck off.

  3. Woke gay guys who fetishize straight dudes having sex with trans women because it’s “kinda gay” are admitting they don’t see trans women as actual women. They’re telling on themselves. Isn’t that right, Denz?

  4. Trans scenes don’t turn me on sexually, but seeing them on this blog and elsewhere has made me realize the variety of sexual interests that people have.

    1. It’s called watching way too much porn and frying your fucking brain. Sexual interests becoming more deviant and “diversified” the heavier the porn user.

      1. My sexual interests have not become “more deviant and diversified” over the 15 years that I have watched gay porn. I’ve always only been interested in watching good looking well built guys having guy/guy sex. From your knowledge of gay porn and your posts it seems like you watch a fair amount of porn yourself.

        1. I was in a relationship with a porn addict for 5 years. I’m fully aware of how it works. I’m not anti-porn, but I know that people can develop screwed up relationships with it. You need to research this topic before you run your mouth about it. Sex/Porn disorders are real things, and they do produce the outcomes I described. I can send you links to research.

          P.S. I don’t come here to beat off. I come here to share my thoughts on different issues I see happening in the community.

        2. “I’ve been drinking for 15 years, and I never became an alcoholic, so alcoholism and its consequences don’t exist!”

          That’s how uninformed you sound.

  5. It is still two biological men having sex. MTF is a huge turn off for me. Seeing a man pretend or think he is a woman is just nuts.

    1. “Seeing a man pretend or think he is a woman is just nuts.”

      There are thousands of men (not only gay men!) who want to act like women do. Several of them even like to dress-up as women do and use make-up, not to talk about drag-queens who like to be adressed as women. Lots of men who adress each other as ‘girl’.
      What is between the legs and what is between the ears are two differnt things.

  6. Please don’t waste any space on this blog with coverage of people who are not or who don’t present themselves as men. Like 99.9% of your readers, I have no sexual interest in either category.

    1. And what to do with all those gay men who present themselves as ‘girl’ and act as if they were women? Should there we wasted any space on this blog with them?
      If not, I’m afraid many many ‘regular’ gay pornscenes would have to be left out.

  7. I’m just so curious to know if straight porn accepted that trans video on Brazzers with Xander Corvus. Oh, it’s not like it was ground-breaking. He didn’t suck her, he didn’t get fucked and it was just Xander doing more anal…but how did the straight porn audience take to it, because it’s seriously not fair that only gay porn has to also be trans porn.

    And I REALLY don’t want to be on the attack, but the SCARS so many of these trans performers have from bad boob jobs!

  8. As much as it pains me to agree with the usual fruitcakes on this site, I have zero interest in seeing posts about trans women in porn.

    With that said, it literally says in the banner at the top of the page that some content may come from trans porn so when we click to come here it’s not like we’re not warned.

  9. Hello-

    different strokes for different folks as I always say but as a str8 friend of mine says he’s never understood
    lesbian scenes in str8 porn. for me the same goes for trans scenes in gay porn.

  10. rhe scene with johhny looks hot and he gets hard i enjoyed it…the other scene…cannot watch it

  11. Meh, it’s not my thing but I’m sure so people like this type of stuff. I just don’t understand why are commentors here being so hateful towards trans people. Chill!

  12. I have no issue with trans actors and don’t think it’s productive for people to endlessly attempt to rationalize why it’s right or wrong. They don’t need to explain themselves to anyone. However, in porn, I don’t find it sexy and I don’t want to watch it.

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