6 thoughts on “If you miss Zane Williams

  1. That is not his last scene. He’s been working for Jockfootfantasy, Fillm911, Myfriendsfeet, and Redhotstraightboys etc.
    He wasn’t absent. He was shooting for a bunch for fetish sites this past months.

  2. Is this the first video where he kisses a guy? Did he do anything other than get sucked off & top before? Eat ass, Suck cock, etc.

  3. Looks good: two hot guys reuniting in a beautiful plant filled garden and then taking it inside so Zane can fill that bountiful Boston booty.

  4. ZANE Always looks so fit. I really love his face and hair and tight body here.
    BUT, damn if he doesn’t always put out very boring scenes. It is obvious that he is G4P and almost hates being with a guy. I appreciate the effort to at least kiss a guy here and act a bit interested for once.

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