Jan Faust (2011) of WH is the new guy at BA as Lennon Riley

Jan Faust first had his casting shoot released by William Higgins in 2011 but his scenes with guys were released from 2013 to 2014.

Majority of his scenes were released by William Higgins & (as Diego) Big Daddy, a site that has not had an update for years.

He is the latest guy introduced at Belami Online as Lennon Riley.

Belami Online is not a fan of guys with a porn past specially if they worked for William Higgins. Probably, due to the pandemic, they are forced to released scenes of guys they filmed in the past that appeared on other sites like William Higgins.

5 thoughts on “Jan Faust (2011) of WH is the new guy at BA as Lennon Riley

  1. This must be a very old scene from the BelAmi vault. This model looked significantly older in his WH and even Big Daddy scenes.

  2. It’s funny seeing a photo of Tomas Friedl, since he’s now changed his name, given up on the bodybuilding and dropped his weight to look like a crack addict and rebranded himself as a straight porn star.

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