Pierce Paris is up next at Chaos Men

There are currently 3 teams producing content for the new owners of Chaos Men. And, the US based content producers opted to feature solos of known porn stars.

The first one was Draven Navarro followed by Jack Hunter.

Up next at Chaos Men is the solo of Pierce Paris.

Pierce Paris is a down-to-earth, fun-loving kind of guy with a huge cock, and he's an equal-opportunist - he's happy to share his "gifts" with both men and women.

Pierce loves anal, but today he's here to show you how he jerks his cock. Pierce gets comfortable and gives us a candid interview before peeling off his jeans and getting to work.

Pierce lays back against the headboard and starts to jerk his dick, playing with the head and tugging on his balls before adding some lube to the mix. As the scene progresses, Pierce gets flirty with the camera, showing you exactly how he likes it done.

As Pierce approaches climax, he leans forward and cums all over his thigh. You can tell by the look of relief on his face that he enjoyed himself.

25 thoughts on “Pierce Paris is up next at Chaos Men

  1. The authentic originality of CM is absolutely gone. The allure of new faces was their catch. Now they’re going to release nothing but boring ass content with the same ole dudes we already feel are overexposed. Draven, Pierce & Jack. I might be ruffling feathers but the three of them look awful nowadays too.

    1. Agreed, but the biggest problem isn’t even the fact that they are overexposed, but the fact that they are lousy performers. If an amazing and hot performer were overexposed we wouldn’t mind it that much, but all these guys appear everywhere and are always lackluster and it is really annoying, I must say.

      1. A number of pornstars being overexposed is just a sad consequence of the way the industry currently operates, with the objective of the ones behind the studios being simple to shit out content as quickly and cheaply as possible.

        It’s kind of inevitable, really.

  2. Oh great CM is going to have ole limp dick on their site. CM is really going to the trash and putting porn stars and not original guys on here is just the tip of the iceberg of them becoming trashy. Who cares if he shares his limp gift with women and men, he’s still the ED guy of the century, who’s man hole is so loose from the fistings and large dicks he takes both front and back are used and no good anymore. What a poor choice they made to show on the site, i’m so glad I got rid of sub to this site.

  3. So basically they, the people who bought Sean Cody and own Men, are going to capitalize on every known gay porn company and make it this generic websites with the same generic models we’re sick of seeing such as Pierce Paris? Thank goodness Onlyfans changed their mind on the porn ban cause things would look pretty vanilla.

  4. Pierce “Ol Floppy ” Paris in a solo…. If he is alone, Who can he blame for killing his hard on now?

    1. PIerce will probably go back to blaming that he fucks all month long and this is what causes him not to be able to get fully erect. Or some shit like that, It was nice not seeing him in scenes at all for a while there so that way no one would have see his limp dick or hear his excuses that he fucks too much and that is why he can’t get fully erect.

  5. Pierce Paris is a disappointment he has a big penis YET the guy has serious issues keeping his cock hard. I don’t understand why he works in gay porn? He can get all the pussy he wants in straight porn. Or he should just stay in MTF porn.

  6. “Pierce is a tall, good looking stud with a 10 inch hole destroyer. He loves to stay active and stick unusual things up his ass (check his Twitter for the infamous cactus challenge). Pierce lives in Las Vegas and believes in taking the zen approach to life. He’s sincere and down to earth – you can converse with him on a wide range of subjects. But once he gets his motor running, watch out! You never know what he will try to do! He is versatile but really loves to top, especially when breaking in a new guy with a tight ass…”

    This is what CM put on the page, Ok he is tall, Sticking unusual things up his ass means he is getting desperate and has a stretched hole, these things are more than likely true. They really talked him up a lot, good looking NOT “hole destroyer” you have to be able to get hard first before you can do this. It’s funny how they talk guys like this in order to try to get new subscribers.

  7. Given what a complete shit show CM has become, pierce actually makes a lot of sense and fits right in

  8. Pierce is overexposed. I don’t like Draven’s work. Jack is handsome; nothing against him. Either way, Pierce has the merit of being a versatile artist; he doesn’t have this ridiculous idea of selling the image of “Total Top”.

  9. CM is good for scouting new talents, not for old trash (with the exception of the mighty, wonderfull and hot Vander).

  10. Well, I think with Pierce Paris being featured, post Bryan CM has finally reached the lowest of low points.

    I just want them to confirm whether all the Bryan filmed updates are done, so I can forget about CM fully.

    1. You can tell if the Bryan stuff is done because of the setting the scenes are done in and if they are intl or just porn stars which are appearing on the site now. Plus by the person talking with the models everyone knows what Bryan sounds like so they should know if its still him or not. I believe they are done completely with the scenes he filmed and are now on the companies they have hired to film for them. Which is total shit that they are putting out. I just seen the scene with Jack hunter and it really sucked it is not the same anymore CM is totally dead now. JUST FYI ON THIS TOPIC.

      1. I don’t mean the Euro or the Been Around the Block updates.

        Some old school ones still trickle through – the most recent update is Ransom servicing Cozmo. Having those still be used as updates are what keeps my hope of a hot Bryan update alive somehow.

  11. Just seen AMERICAN GANGBANG both parts by Kink.com and the CM solo and I knew it what a disappointment he was totally soft in all three videos. So the ED is shown in these videos don’t bother watching them I am so over him and his performances. Don’t watch them it’s not worth it.

  12. Guess we’ll start seeing women on here with these lame asses sooner or later. This is the way gay porn seems to work nowadays.

  13. The latest update from Chaosmen defaults to Brian’s PeepShow site. According to the new owners of Chaosmen this was taken care of. Oops!

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