Dallas Steele, Beau Butler, Greyson Lane, Sharok, Brock Banks and more

15 thoughts on “Dallas Steele, Beau Butler, Greyson Lane, Sharok, Brock Banks and more

  1. I’m a Gabriel Clark fan. He’s a sexy looking guy and a great top who knows how to make love to his scene partners.

  2. Didn’t Jessie Colter supposedly have a terminal brain thing? Or am I misremembering?

    And the only reason I can think of for Dallas Steele to be giving the blow by blow of his dick pump operation is that it was crowdfunded and he’s trying to justify it to people who contributed?

    1. You’re right. He WAS terminally ill, with not long to live. Since I hadn’t heard anything about him, I actually thought he’d passed away. He couldn’t POSSIBLY lie about a thing like that surely, so I’m assuming that he’s just hanging on and making the most of the time he’s got left.

      1. Jessie had a brain tumour that was very serious, but he successfully underwent therapy and now, it is in complete remission. Miracles do happen, I guess, and he is thankfully healthy right now – I cannot imagine how terrifying it must be to be told that you have cancer and it could end your life.

        Beau Butler makes my heart go pitter-patter. God, what a gorgeous man… sigh

        Gabriel Clark’s tweet is quite interesting (who knew that he had such an intense life?), and also very true: sometimes, we push our hearts to the limit and nothing happens, but when we do the simplest and seemingly most irrelevant things, we do get injured. I guess it’s a matter of pot luck!

        Brock Banks looks and sounds like the gay version of a Jersey Shore cast member, but it’s undeniable that he is very handsome… Even if his personality is a bit over the top.

        As for Dallas Steele, the operation sounds both terrifying and bizarre. I’m sorry, but I didn’t need to hear every detail of his blood-curdling experiences. Then again, I obviously wouldn’t want to know anything about that, as I didn’t donate to his crowd-funding project.

  3. ” Elegance iis the only beauty that never fades “, Audrey Hepburn. Jessie Colter,( … Lucas Leon…) and many others doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t give a fuck about it. The guy is 6ft2” ( 188 cm )…Can you imagine? Luckily one is always able to cross the street and change the sidewalk to avoid a bigmary in slut clothes.

  4. If memory serves me, last month Sharok was in São Paulo as Rentmen adverticed…He took a 12 or 13 hour flight ( …if it was a LA to São Paulo flight ) only to sell himself in a country that still is fighting covid-19 ( …He told clients he was fully vaccinated… ) Is the money worth it? Think about flight, hotel, meals and ” profit”. Just telling you guys .I’m not here to educate him on how to be a decent person.

    1. Pierce Paris went to Dubai earlier this year. For Sharok to travel to Brazil he must have clients willing to pay him a lot of money. Porn is just a platform for prostitution. Many models escort around the world with fans who have a lot of money. I say more power to these men they only get $700 maybe $1500 maximum a scene. So that’s not a lot money. If a rich Arab men can pay Pierce Paris thousands of dollars for a few days work good for him. And good for Sharok. These guys can make $10,000 with one wealthy client or more! Look at Jared Wentworth from Sean Cody before he got greedy he made 250k from his John and got a sports car! People would be very surprised the wealthy closeted gay men who DM these models on Twitter, and only fans.

      1. I know, and what you said is the way things are…I’m a ‘ civilian ‘ homo and for people like me it’s hard to understand ( let apart accept…. ) prostitution. I didn’t write about the possibility of a ‘ rich fan ‘ or a kind of ‘ sugar daddy ‘ be in this story because I only know what I read on the add….What keeps me wondering is the boldness of it all. Can you imagine a male prostitute selling himself in a country where he probably knows nothing about it: Don’t know the language, don’t know where to go to eat ( …and what to eat), where is safe to visit…Who could be called to ask for help if things went wrong…etc. Maybe there was a host, an inviter backing him…
        And dpn’t forget the times we are liviving in: Brazil is the second country in victms of covid-19. People use masks everywhere…So there must be more in this story that we don’t know. PS: For Pierce’s trip…Well the place became notorius on many accounts of these porn performers and male prostitutes. A muslin country!

  5. A cool and interesting pic ( in a queer way ) of Beau Butler. I think this guy has the same appeal that Mickey Squires had in his haydays : A handsome. masculine bottom.

  6. I might be alone on this but I find the oh so “gay” Brock Banks to be annoying at all levels.

  7. LUCAS LEON – Very Hot picture, love that furry look on him. He is a bottom who is fun to watch.
    RILEY CHAUX – Uh, ok, not for me but what ever…
    NATE GRIMES – Probably because you are another guy on a bike zipping in and out of traffic who thinks he owns the road. You found out the hard way, YOU DON’T KID. By the way, a bike? Funny, you look well old enough to drive, get a car.
    Mitch Matthews – Begging looks very cheap on you. Oh that’s right, your a fist queen, enjoy the cast.
    GREYSON LANE – Did’t you announce you were done with gay people, gay porn a long time ago? So why are you still around complaining?

  8. SHAROK: It makes me sleepy. Overestimated. But his tweet sounds rude, even aggressive.
    NATE GRIMES: Seems like a good person. Cycling is an economical and less environmentally aggressive alternative.
    DAVID SKYLAR: I find it very unethical to expose private conversations. If he wants to teach etiquette, he should start with himself.

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