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  1. Knockout is a parent isn’t he worried when his son grows up he will learn that his dad worked in porn? I get that life isn’t easy. My opinion is if you are a parent you shouldn’t enter the porn industry. A parent needs to be responsible when you bring a child into the world it up to you to step up.

    1. You’re making the assumption that there is something wrong with porn or that it can’t be a steady source of income. Both assumptions are false.

    2. Are judge and jury? Life is difficult. You don’t know what skills Knockout holds doesn’t hold. From what I know acting in porn pays, maybe better than a wait staff or landscaper. The bottomline is you use what you can and NO ONE should be judged on their life choices.

  2. @Field Medic is correct. Also it’s so rich that you shame sex workers on a gay porn blog. Hypocrite.

    1. @Field Medic, @Rocket
      you both were so quick to jump down the other guys throat that you didnt understand what he meant, he wasnt shaming sex workers he is only talking about protecting your child from potential bullying in the future if he is in elementary school all the way through highschool
      we all know that kids love to bully eachother over the smallest of things and imagine it somehow got out that your father is in gay porn especially in a small rural religious town that kid would be messed up for years and need alot of therapy and i know from experience(not my own personal one) because a similiar thing happened to my aunt in the 80s when her highschool found out she had 2 moms

      1. It’s always: But what about the children! It’s life, get over it.. Parents have to explain it and children have to deal with it and surprisingly they cope amazingly well. People aren’t buying the pseudo moralizing your shilling anymore Billy.

  3. OH NO – Mickey Taylor is at it AGAIN !
    My God this washed up loser just cannot stop putting his life on display and then bitching about it…
    Tannor Reed, Josh Moore James Fox “Knock Out” who ever you are… All of you, take a lesson and stop.
    We are interested in porn, Fucking and Sucking, not the petty shit you think the whole world has to know. Really, you are not that interesting……….

    1. Exactly! I don’t care if these guys are Mensa levels of intelligence… I’m not interested in the thoughts and life issues of porn actors. I was a huge fan of James Fox, but now he’s completely unappealing.

  4. Who is “Knockout”? I’ve never heard of him!

    And Dean, I like the look, but you’ve got to ditch the latest of your dodgy girlfriends and get back to some man-on-man action…otherwise, leave.

    1. I think Knockout was that guy that was involved in this whole controversy or whatever involved in him being outed.

    2. Knockout is the black gay pornstars who worked for Noirmale. He started off in the black sector so sites you’re probably not familiar with such as Breeditraw and BlackBoyAddictionz. He was also on Chasing Atlanta a YouTube reality show fighting and queening out.

    1. There are SO many gay porn stars who bodybuild and claim that they only do gay porn to pay for it. Tomas Friedl is one of them, even though he’s rebranded himself, dropped his weight to the point of looking like a meth addict and only posting straight porn on Twitter.

      1. Do women even find that hot? Most women seem repulsed by a man with too much muscle. Of course all women aren’t the same but even guys with toned bodies are like my girlfriends are like that’s too much muscle for the,

    2. Bodybuilding and the gay community are tied at the hip. And been so since the 80s. So lots of guys practice it.

      I think must people issue is the modern incarnation of it. This pursuit of never ending growth and endless mass. Being 200lbs is the MINIMUM these days. Lots of these guy going to 250,265, look to be 300lbs of mostly muscle for some reason. Even those that’s where things start to look ridiculous but I think social media skewed things further

      Bigger and more cut is what they all strive for the likes and validation and attention from their peers now.

    3. Pardon my French, but the only way I could find a bodybuilder sexy is the guy be endowed like a donkey.

      1. And they never are. I’m not sure he was EXACTLY a bodybuilder, but Zeb Atlas was practically in-growing. With some you can blame steroids and others…I think bodybuilding is just trying to compensate for being underendowed.

  5. Who did that queen Knockout get pregnant? If Knockout lives in ATL, I wouldn’t be surprised. A lot of those ATL queens such as Messy C like to dabble in the vagina every now and then. But if anyone has watched Knockout outside of a film, knows Knockout is very cunty.

  6. I personally feel like pornstars should not have kids as controversial as that sounds. Sex work shaming aside, kids are cruel during their developmental years. You’re putting your child in bully territory by choosing such a career. Those are things you have to think about.

    1. The thing that has been making me laugh my ass off just recently is Collin Simpson praising the genetics of his unborn child. This about me is great, that about me is great…but if that child inherits even a single degree of his sick and twisted personality, then the world is in trouble. With any luck though, the State will put the child into care before he can do any damage, because it deserves a better start in life than him as a parent.

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