16 thoughts on “Latest tweet of James Fox as an HIV+ person

  1. The thing is…I wish he hadn’t felt the need to screenshot. I know he didn’t show the guy’s name, but the other guy sounded genuine and just uninformed. I’m seriously glad James didn’t attack him for it, because that would have been out of line. The air-quotes were a little aggressive on his part, but the principal of trying to educate the guy was nice…just don’t screenshot what I personally feel became a very private conversation for the other guy and that is going to effectively shut it down, by sharing it publicly.

  2. Being a source of a communicable disease means you are unsafe/dangerous in various scenarios. I dislike the way HIV+ people are so desperate to construct a narrative that they are 100% equivalent to people who haven’t got the disease. It isn’t the case, and other people should certainly not take their (or anyone’s for that matter) claim that they are safe/not a disease risk. You can only catch HIV from HIV+ people.

    1. A person with HIV who is undetectable cannot transmit the virus and is not “unsafe” or “dangerous” to others as a result of their condition. Undetectable people live with the virus but do not contribute to its spread. While anyone having sex with another person should consider protection and discuss sexual health there is no reason for HIV+ undetectable people to face any stigma. I know many HIV+ guys. I consider them 100% equivalent to me and to anyone else out there which is simple respect and not a narrative.

      1. It is impossible for a HIV- person to transmit HIV in any scenario; it is impossible for a HIV+ person to transmit HIV only in the scenario where they adhere to their ART schedule that makes them undetectable. The latter remains a source of the disease and are thus unsafe/dangerous by default, which applies to any communicable disease.

        Notwithstanding that, several different concepts are being equated here. “Undetectable HIV+ people are not unsafe or dangerous” is not the same as “people who -claim- to be undetectable HIV+ are not unsafe or dangerous”, and this is certainly not the same as “HIV+ people are not unsafe or dangerous”, which is what he said in his second message.

        A significant number of gay men either misestimate their viral load and/or don’t fully adhere to their ART schedule:


        Rather than trying to completely disarm someone’s rightful sense of caution around diseases because he doesn’t want his feelings to be hurt, he should encourage the other person to avoid hooking up with people until he is able to take better control of his own health via PrEP, condoms, etc. Suggesting that he should remove the threat of HIV from his mind if someone claims to be undetectable is downright dangerous.

  3. Old people don’t know the development in HIV medicine, just use PrEP or PEP. What reason you think is it that all the studios go bareback?

  4. People are oversensitive about the way others should ask questions. The guy was reasonable and was acting like a jerk. If Fox really just wanted to provide some guidance to an open party, why take a screen shot & then post?

    Plus, while there are much better treatments out there for HIV, it is still fine to ask about status/risk/etc. While I would certainly meet-up with someone poz, I also understand why some wouldn’t take the extra risk.

  5. I think screenshots on a cordial interaction is so damn tacky. He could’ve been much more classy and private about this ordeal but like just about all of them, porn stars love stupid ways to gain clout or exposure. I guess Fox thought he was doing some good by showing us this but he should’ve maybe ask this gentlemen if it wa a okay to share or not. That would’ve been much better.

    Makes me think of the cordial interaction between Boomer Banks and a fan that was curious as to his taste for transsexual interactions because he had just released scenes with annoying Trip Richards and the fan thought he was strictly gay. That dumb ass Boomer went on a rant, exposed screenshots and even started a whole “fuckyou” hashtag on social media using the guys name.

    Just fucking lame and disgusting. Unlike Boomer Banks, Fox had good intentions but bad executions.

    1. I find exposing screenshots unethical and creating a hashtag of that level exposing the person’s name, to me, is an indication that I definitely don’t want a person like that around me.

  6. I thought James Fox was cool, but I saw I was totally wrong. I don’t buy this idea of exposing private conversations. To me, it sounds like the person wants to show himself as someone who “educates” others. I would feel my intelligence was being insulted.

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