Bruce Harrelson had a live cam show yesterday at Flirt 4 Free.

He was first introduced by William Higgins as Bobby Orel.

He did have solos as Bruce Paul at East Boys.

And, he was given the name Xander Lux by Staxus.

4 thoughts on “Aliases of Bruce Harrelson

  1. Bobby Orel is having his hole fingered and a little dildo inserted in the “hot ass” scene to be released next at, a brother site to

  2. I wonder if he is the newbie in Bel Ami’s “Croatian Road Trip”. Just got a short glimpse, but I think it could be him.

  3. Now That is a GREAT LOOKING MAN !
    Those pictures in the kitchen are stunning, plain and simple.
    And what do ya know – he does NOT have a bunch of stupid ink covering his hot body or a bull ring thru his nose or eyes. He also does NOT have a mop of filthy dirty bug infested hair all up in a bun or formed into dread locks. He also does NOT have a dress on or a surgically made cunt… Huh, maybe that’s it!?

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