Bama Romello, Devin Trez, Sebastian Green, Michael Boston, Jack Mackenroth, Brock Banks & more

11 thoughts on “Bama Romello, Devin Trez, Sebastian Green, Michael Boston, Jack Mackenroth, Brock Banks & more

  1. Jack and Dolf are the new Paul and Damian…they’re so fucked up, meth’d up and violent that they should be in asylums, not on social media.

    There’s no excuse for what Jack did and he’s behaving like deleting a Tweets means it was undone from history. He beat the shit out of Dolf (who I don’t believe was entirely innocent) and then branded him a paedophile.

    It wasn’t drugs that made him do that and just because he claims to now be sober and getting…that’s who Jack is. Sick in the head, with Dolf a close second.

    Huh, actually I guess they’re perfectly suited, but I do wish they’d fuck right off Twitter and just abuse each other in private.

  2. May the racist, Trump supporting Jake Porter (RealTeamJake) rot in the perpectual Hell of his own making. His porn career is gone, he got dropped by Andrew Christian, his OnlyFans is irrelevant, and he keeps getting dumped by twinks. Schadenfreude all the way on this one…..

    1. I mean, you nailed it with this comment. Also, what is astounding is… he’s NOT EVEN HOT! Why are y’all simping for this fugly guy ?? I’ll never understand….

  3. Reno Gold – If this guy was born before the world on Only fans, chatterbate, camming, twitter… he would be a broke ass counter worker at Wendy’s. jhe should thank his lucky stars he was born when he was….cause he has very little else going on.
    Bama Romello – you don’t need to pepper Ebonics into your tweet, we get it, you are “hood” and basically a nobody from nowhere.
    Steve Rickz – Nobody cares dude. You were a sorry G4P model in gay porn, and probably a bad “Bi” actor too. No need to keep telling everyone how “not gay” you are. We just don’t care.
    3/14 – hahaha really? I am sure the 2 people who came just for you are thrilled. Wow! Overinflated ego?
    Brock Banks – uh, ok…… now move on.
    Grayson Lane – Still boring and uninteresting as usual. I thought you retired?
    Just Jake – ok, you can recite words from a song. Still, who are you? What have you done?
    Max Konnor – Again, we get it, you are “street” and under appreciated. You do not need to tell us every 3 days.
    Sean harding – enjoy the super spreader event. I am sure you will be clogging up the hospital near you soon, keeping people who need operations from getting them. Good job asshole.

    1. I have absolutely loved your post. I don’t agree with everything (Bama Romello is gorgeous, if unknown), but your put downs are downright hilarious and very much on point.

      Thank you for making me laugh! 🙂

        1. Well, apparently your right: I am easily amused. So much so that, in fact, I have found your comment about me rather funny as well ???

          I think that I should re-start my social life. COVID has driven me insane ???

  4. Well, Bama Romello seems to be putting in quite a bit of effort into trying to do gay porn for someone who’s straight.

    Jake Porter is racist piece of shit and that is all that needs to be said about him.

    Reno Gold puzzles me. Isn’t his whole thing no penetrative sex? I don’t have time for that in porn.

    Dolf and Jack are just a dumpster fire.

    Does Steve Ricks want a cookie for that bisexual “revelation”?

  5. MICHAEL BOSTON: Gorgeous, great performer/actor, polite and considerate of fans. In a time when performers don’t even give a Like to fan comments, someone who tweets to thank for birthday wishes is a class act. It’s a 10 for him!
    VALENTIN AMOUR: Beautiful French.

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