24 thoughts on “Barebacked by Malik Delgaty & William Seed

  1. Hot stuff. Beefy Ace Quinn bottoming for sexy Delgaty and then getting taken to pound town by superman Seed is living one of my fantasy dreams. Get all that good dick Ace.

  2. When a straight man fucks another man on camera we can only imagine the huge power of will that is put to work while he does it ( Trimix, Ciallis, Viagra… and straight porn on the screen apart )..

    1. Exactly or the str8 man isn’t really as str8 as he seems or says. I’m still one of the few who thinks that truly str8 men wouldn’t give a thought about doing anything sexually with another man.

      Bi-curious, bisexual, gay or anything else… yes…
      Truly str8 guys… no… in fact they’re ready to whoop your ass if you say anything outside of hello. (Due to fragile masculinity).

      To those who say William and Malik are str8, I say, sure Jan!

      1. Absolutely agree and it’s even worse when their defenders use money as an excuse. It’s not like these guys are making lots of money, the pay is actually quite underwhelming and not much lower than straight porn (although obviously in gay porn there is more demand for guys than in straight porn). These guys are doing all that for a couple hundred bucks (which would NEVER be enough for me to have sex with someone I’m not into).

          1. I agree. These “str8” guys could do str8 porn and even though the pay may be a tad bit less, the perk for them is that they get all the str8 sex their hearts desire and if they’re good at their jobs, they can become str8 porn superstars.

            These guys are in the gay porn realm because they want to have sex with men. Point blank. For whatever reasons they don’t want to be completely honest so they hide behind the following excuses.

            The pay is better in gay porn.
            It’s a way to transition into the str8 side.
            I was recruited and promised etc…
            I thought it was just for modeling… then one thing led to another.
            I needed the money.


            My girl is okay with me doing porn but she doesn’t want me to sleep with other women so that’s why I do gay porn and she’s cool with that.

      2. I agree these men are heteroflexible or bisexual. William Seed took Trent King huge cock up the ass. Sucking cock is a no no for William Seed yet on his only fans dudes are fucking him up the ass. They get pleasure from fucking other men getting their cocks sucked. People say they do it for cash sure but they also do it for the gay sex.

    2. Even though most people don’t see to agree with your take, I think it has a lot of credit.

      Let me put it this way: the straight porn industry is fundamentally different from the gay porn industry, specially in regards to male pornstars.

      You see, there’s an imbalance between offer and demand between sexes in straight porn, as there’s way more men willing to do porn than women. We also need to consider that the main public which consumes straight porn (straight males) watch the scenes to see the female pornstar, not the male one.

      The combination of these two factors creates a market which has very high standards for entry. So no, the average “I want to do porn” Joe won’t have much chance to work on even a mid tier straight studio right away.

      Now compare this with gay porn: the demand for males is high and the standards of most studios are pretty low. A wannabe male pornstar can easily enter the market even if they’re average looking and shit at performing, get a name for themselves and a steady consumer base. Hell, they even might use their time on gay porn to build their straight porn career, get the contacts they need to crossover and then never come back, as some European performers have done in the past.

      This in part is the reason why gay porn is so shit these days: the standards of the industry are low and the performers take full advantage of it, throwing any sense of professionalism and respect for the consumers out the window.

      1. I see your point but black on blondes has an element of homoeroticism to it. White men pay to watch blacks on blondes seeing black men with huge cocks fuck White women. So these men yes watch white women get fucked but they clearly also love watching the big black cock dominate the white women. That’s the part of straight porn people don’t talk about. There are straight male porn stars like Lexington Steele, James Deen, Johnny Sims, and others with huge cocks. Their popularity isn’t just with other women. Their popularity is with other men.

        1. You’re conflating emasculation/sissyfication with homoeroticism when they aren’t equivalent to each other at all.

          The type of porn you’re describing here is more akin to cuck porn: they’re not getting off to the guy fucking their wife/gf but to ​the scenario of being cucked and the humiliation which comes with it.

          People don’t talk a lot about this kind of porn because of how niche it is and the social implications it brings to the table: sissyfication shit alone opens a whole can of worms to be addressed, specially today.

      2. I kinda disagree about “there is no demand for straight hot looking male porn stars”, though. I mean, a fact that we often forgot: women DO watch quite a lot of porn. Especially gay porn. True, it will NEVER be as big as gay/bi male audience. But there is a market for it. I mean, you all see a lot of softcore/softcore-ish straight video where they not only shot the girls, but also the dick, the body and the face of the guys. Not to mention a lot of kissing. That is straight porn for women. I don’t think guys who look like Malik or William Seeds would have problems finding working in those kinda a porn.

  3. tell me what you want, but if I really had to be (I’m usually a top) I’d rather be barebacked by Jason Phoenix…

  4. William Seed been fucked bareback a few times by men on his only fans. I don’t think he is 100% straight. He can take big cocks up his ass but he won’t suck dick. How is sucking dick more gay than taking a cock up the ass? This Malik guy can get all the pussy he wants in straight porn. The scene sucks their exaggerated expressions ads a turn off.

  5. I dunno if these models are straight or bi but… Why cant their performances be better I mean William seed, bo sin this malik guy… So fake and their scenes are not hot.

  6. It’s the ridiculous faces William Seed makes, whether he’s topping and especially when he’s bottoming. They’re cartoonish and I don’t honestly believe he’d ever date a man or have sex with one recreationally, but he doesn’t have a problem doing it on camera. I don’t think you can label him straight, just money-grubbing or he really just doesn’t care.

    Of course, all these French Canadian porn stars start off by stripping, usually at Stockbar. They’re then recruited into porn, invariably gay and then it’s studio, OnlyFans, all working together…William, Malik, Malik’s fake brother, Ryan Bones, Markus Kage, Bo Sinn (or Soup, or whatever he’s changed his name to this week), etc.

  7. The long novels and dissertations about G4P are old at this point. If you don’t have a solution, with all due respect, STFU. I’ve been browsing porn blogs since I was in my midteens and now I’m damn near 31 and you guys talk about the same SHIT. Secretly, you guys love it and still jack off to the material. Get off those high horses and confront the men in the mirror.

    With that being said, I don’t know why this scene was released after William and Malik already appeared in a scene together that actually had them fucking the same guy. This just seems forwards.

  8. Alot of talk about if some one is gay, straight or bisexual in gay porn. This is a repeated tired conversation. In the gay community we constantly ask to be accepted as we are. Then alot of gay men get on these sites and bitch that once they figure or are told someone is G4P, Strait, or Bisexual you start clucking like chickens who have gotten wet. STOP THE MADNESS! It is silly to complain about this. Either watch or don’t, the sex workers don’t give a sh!t. They do what’s asked they get paid. That’s all, it’s a job they were hired for. We either get off or look for something or someone else that will get us off. That is all porn is for, it’s not the academy awards, the world’s greatest novel, or the most beautiful art piece. It is pornography.

    1. You are ignoring choice these men CHOOSE to work in gay porn. William Seed and Malik are handsome men. The Montreal porn scene is the biggest market in Canada. If they want to fuck women on camera they can do it. They got the body and looks for it. So why don’t they? No one here is saying they are gay or want a relationship with another man. All I am saying is these men have a sexual attraction to other men that is it. Why is it so hard for some people to admit that? The homophobia from within the gay porn industry and society is so strong still. The gay for pay label is homophobic. These porn scenes take hours to film they don’t film in one hour. They get most likely less $700 to $1000 if they are lucky for a scene.

  9. LOL, he’s not 100% straight, he had dicks in his ass, he will have sex with me one day, you believe what you want to believe, they grab the money and go away.

  10. F.U.C.K MEN!

    I’m so sick and tired of these AWFUL, UNWATCHABLE SCENES with people creepily watching others fuck. If the scene is a threesome or an orgy fine, but I don’t see the point of having people just watching and focusing on them rather on the people having sex. This trend has to end.

    I hate MEN so much. At this point it enrages me. They have so many EXCLUSIVE HOT MEN, and they waste them in crappy scene, after crappy scene. I hope it goes bankrupt!

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