Billing issue with Chaos Men [updated]

The new owners of Chaos Men cancelled the discounted price of members given by the previous owner “My renewal for Chaos Men was canceled the other day because “there was a problem” with my credit card (or so ccBill says). It seems like they took the opportunity to give everyone new subscription ids for the new company and did not move over any re-bill info so the subscriptions were forced to lapse. There is/was nothing wrong with my credit card … they have used the same card for months. To fix it, ccBill says I have to re-join …. the current subscription fee is $29.95. I have been paying $17.87 since 2017…. ccBill says nothing they can do to fix it. They just forced my cancellation a few months early.

Bryan Ockert (previous owner) still has ownership of the ccBill account (it’s being used on his Peep Show site). Anything processed on that account will go to Bryan. So, everyone has to move to the new billing system for the new owners to get credit on the sales. But, was it a good idea to not honor the discounts?

UPDATE Chaos Men has responded on Twitter and on this post.

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  1. Last time I checked, Chaosmen and Peepshow were down. They are trying to use the same site and canceling each other. I am glad I canceled. This is shit.

  2. Yeah, it’s absolute bollocks. He or whoever, didn’t want to honour the subscription price people signed-up for. Some subscriptions had kept subscriptions running for years without interruption! They blame a technical error, force everyone to sign-up again…but never for their same discounted price or originally agreed-to deal. It’s a really sleazy trick. I seriously hope this gives everyone the lucky break to QUIT and NOT participate in this shit-show.

  3. I’m glad I canceled as soon as the sale was announced. That handwriting has always been on the wall.

  4. Hello from ChaosMen: This is untrue: we did not cancel any memberships when taking over the site. CCbill owns the members themselves and we’ve been moving them through a very tedious process from one account to another, trying desperately to keep every one.

    When you buy a site like this, you absolutely want to keep all your recurring members and it would never be worth it to lose them over a few dollars; it’s way more expensive to get people back.

    I’m sorry that ccbill wouldn’t renew your membership, here’s what I’m able to do right now:
    Here’s a discount link good for this week:

    That will get you a membership at $9.95 the first month and $19.95 a month after that.

    CCbill is the only one capable of cancelling those transactions, because they own the billing on them. If they are cancelling people, I for sure want to know because that would be a HUGE issue. If you can please provide me the member ID, i’ll see if I can get a real answer why.

    We are moved on to NATS and our own billing and have moved the sites away from the old ccbill affiliate program, because it was tangled up in the defunct MPA3 tracking system. The redirects for peepshow, which we didn’t buy, are some technical backend error on ccbill that the owner of that site is trying to sort.

    If you have any questions, I’m reachable at affiliates at chaosmen dot com

    1. Sorry, but no matter if it were you or ccBill, it still represents you as Chaos Men. The account was canceled with no specific reason given other that “problem with the card” and that they couldn’t do anything about it or even tell me what the problem was – I was just told me to go re-subscribe at the current rate. Funny that “card” was good enough to use at the previous billing point before the subscription number changed.

      After hearing that, I opened a support issue with Chaos Men about it and it’s been crickets … not a response at all from Support – it is not until now (that it is made public) that Chaos decides to respond.

      Even at the “special rate” of $19.95, I’m still paying $2.00 a month than I have been paying since 2017. And since you have a new billing system in Europe, you add on the international fees … it becomes even less of a renewal “deal.”

      Add on to that the current crop of content you are offering … no thanks. This isn’t the site that made me want to join back in 2017 and have enjoyed until the recent buy-out.

      You made the de-subscribing choice for me – and we’ll stick with it. It is important for others to know the games that are being played – no matter who is blamed. Chaos Men or your ccBill service provider – it still ended up with my account being canceled and who knows how many more it was done to.

    2. Well, since you’re here…why the drop in standards now that Bryan has left? You’ve gone from hiring fresh off the bus guys, to the tired dregs of gay porn. Obviously they’re cheaper and I’m sure easier, but Bryan built something up and you’re making a mockery of it. Billing issues aside, you’re going to be losing money, so it’s a massive false economy.

      1. It’s funny that people think this way, without realizing a large portion of what we’ve been publishing has still be Bryans content. We’ve tried out 5 other shooters to try and find a suitable replacement, so we are taking it very, very seriously.

        We put the members survey up and go over it weekly together to keep track of what people feel about the site., which is also largely about content.

        Lastly, Bryan is likely going to be doing some shooting with us after he’s settled into his new place. We’ve even discussed launching a new site together and in the meantime, he got a vacation for a bit, which was well deserved.

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