Cliff Jensen, Gino Zanetti & Ashton Summers


Cliff Jensen took a pause from gay porn in 2015 since he went to prison and returned in 2017. He became an exclusive of Men but he did not renew his contract in 2018 since he didn’t want to bottom. And, he hasn’t had a scene released since 2019. His comeback scene this year will be at Chaos Men with Jesse Stone.

With A Woman

Gino Zanetti was your favorite model for April. He loves to top but he did bottom once in a flip fuck at Chaos Men. His latest scene is at Tutor Him as Ethan Long.


Ashton Summers was fucked twice by Finn Harding at Men (Aug. 26 & Sept. 20).

9 thoughts on “Cliff Jensen, Gino Zanetti & Ashton Summers

    1. Shoutout to bisexual men. The ones that own it should be praised. It’s like you rarely see them even though statistic state that they’re more bi people than gay people.

    2. It’s naïve to believe any of these porn stars are enjoying themselves. Straight, Gay4Pay, Gay, Bisexual, Fluid…they’re on the clock to have sex with people they might not find attractive, who smell, who have opposing religious and political beliefs, are racists or a race that they find abhorrent, etc. They’re all being paid, so earn your money, put on a great performance, or make way for someone else who will.

      If you want to watch someone enjoying themselves, track down an OnlyFans with private content that someone’s chosen to make specifically, with the partner of their choice.

  1. If hes at Tutor Him, we will probably see him on BHH or RB. Tutor Him is Clays straight site. Its how he gets a lot of the straight and bi boys on his sites. He promises them scenes on TH.

  2. I love watching Finn Harding top hot guys. Finn’s got a handsome face, cleft chin, lean muscular body and a big uncut cock. His image as a top only guy is reinforced by the hot guys who have bottomed for him: Alex Mecum, Ashton Summers, Chris Damned, Felix Fox, Adrian Hart, Skyy Knox, Michael Boston, Ryan Jacobs, Tanner Reed and Theo Brady. That’s a pretty hot line-up of scene partners.

  3. Nice to see Jesse Stone is sticking around–his scene with Cliff Jensen ought to be interesting if he eats cum.

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