Drake Von is the latest update at Chaos Men with Jason Windsor as his bottom.

Drake also had a scene as the top to the owner of Military Classified.

On Twitter, Drake is known as Drake Yuri.

Drake’s twin is Silas Brooks.

Silas had scenes at Helix Studios.

Unlike his twin, Silas did bottom in his latest scene at Helix Studios and for Max Carter, his boyfriend.

10 thoughts on “Drake Von or Silas Brooks

  1. Why are they trying to make these two a thing? These boys are so basic. Let me be honest, they’re strange characters too.

    They can go back and do the str8 porn where they were engaging in sex with their “step mom”. Ugh. Next please.

    1. There is rarely twin twinks in porn whether it be straight or gay porn. You must be clueless not to realize MILF porn is hugely popular in straight porn. Now you know.

      Both twins seem to have their own personalities and are not carbon copies of each other and I enjoy both.
      Cute twinks with big dicks who happen to be twins checks off a lot of boxes in gay porn.

      Now that we seen them in a scene together in a straight porn, hopefully we can see them in a gay porn scene.

  2. The bottom in the Chaosmen scene looks like an ugly crack addict and his feet are yellow with dead skin, it’s revolting. Hard pass on Chaosmen these days, can’t believe people still subscribe.

  3. I like Jason Windsor. He’s a cock hungry bottom with a sexy look, a big cock, and a fine booty. In an AD interview he said he prefers to bottom because for him it’s more enjoyable. He said topping is like jerking-off with lube. That’s my experience as well. When I first started hooking up with guys I topped and my cock got pleasured, but once I bottomed WOW my whole body was pleasured. For me bottoming is far more thrilling and pleasurable than topping.

  4. Both Silas and Drake are BORING and always look completely disinterested.
    Odd hair, pathetic mustache, bad skin and that stupid bored out of your mind stare do NOTHING for you Drake. I predict very short “careers” in gay porn for these 2 losers.

  5. I dunno….they’re sexy in a kind of “low down dirty” sexy. And while they may fall far from what I would term “porn star” material, they’ve got big cocks and can fuck. So naturally studios will book them.

    The industry really is dying….

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