9 thoughts on “Hole of Cole Church solely for the owner of the site

  1. It seems like a lot of porn models get started with Clay. It is quite amusing when a studio introduces a “new” model and then Clay releases a RB or BHWH scene where he had been there first.

  2. This old man using back socks is an invitation for a turn off. Only someone in dire straits or true love ( perv attraction) would make it happen.

    1. Yeah that’s where Clay finds guys like that. You gotta shoot your shot. He has the balls to do it. Granted he paid probably an unreasonable amount of money. But being the only one to open that hairless ass….worth it, and if he stays in porn longer than a couple of years he’ll end up bottoming again. Once that seal has been opened, it’s easier to re-enter.

  3. If you look at his eyes closely on the scene where he is sucking dick, he is definitely high. Isn’t he? I have been noticing the eyes of different young porn models from various sites. I believe that it is very common to get high and do porn!

    1. I think you’re on to something. I don’t have any inside knowledge of getting high on anything or of performers getting high to do gay porn scenes but speaking generally, knowing how being high can alter one’s perception of reality, especially certain kinds of high, seems like a very effective way of doing what would be absolutely disgusting if you’re authentically straight, things like putting a dick in your mouth, a dick in your ass, anyone’s come in your mouth, etc…ya know?

      There’s that thing where you try to square the notion of anyone will do anything for the right price with the notion, or rather, the reality, that almost, if not every person you know in real life, would never have gay sex on camera for the world to see if they’re actually heterosexual.

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