Hudson Scott, Merrill Patterson & Jonas Miller (tips @ Kevin & NCBored)

Hudson Scott had scenes released by English Lads from 2018 to 2019. He is the latest update at The Full English. He joined Twitter last January 2020 under Fitflexxx, the same username he used for his fan site.

Miller Patterson of Active Duty and Next Door Studios was first known as Levi at Sean Cody (and Fraternity X), Levi Whitman at Raunchy Bastards (and Boys Halfway House) and Merill at Chaos Men.

Jonas Miller is the latest pin-up model at Belami Online. Jonas was introduced in 2014 as Hugo Antonin by William Higgins. He now has a tattoo on his upper right arm in his latest scenes released this year by William Higgins.

5 thoughts on “Hudson Scott, Merrill Patterson & Jonas Miller (tips @ Kevin & NCBored)

  1. Hudson aka a serial gay-baiter. He’ll pose, he’ll sell his underwear, he’ll probably have sex with women…but NEVER will he do anything with another guy. There are a thousand of him out there. If he EVER has a cock in his mouth of up his arse, then I’ll eat my hat.

  2. JONAS MILLER aka HUGO ANTONIN has been around a bit. I think I remember him doing some earlier Staxus scenes as well. William Higgins may have discovered him but look around, he has been at it for awhile. ALL GOOD. The guy always seems to be having fun. What a smile, face, body, cock. I do have a thing for the “Euro” look and he checks all the boxes.
    Lets hope he helps lift the sex Energy over at BelAmi – they need the help. The current formula : 2 guys meet. They act “cute” fake fighting or splashing about in the pool. Then very robotic kissing, and sex. BORING. Lately they have let a few models Cum-Kiss and even eat cum off the asshole. Lets hope “Hugo” helps them get nasty!

  3. Yes – I just checked… HUGO ANTONIN – definitely worked with Staxus Productions back in 2017 -2018. Some of it very good stuff too! Guy seems to love Man on Man sex.

  4. Yeah, Hugo Antonin is one of the few consistently well performing Euro models.

    But heading to BelAmi, the land of boring Ken doll sex? What a waste.

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