Jarret Moon, Jake Klerin & Dallas Steele

Jarrett Moon And His Dad

Jarret Moon denied the allegation by Big C that he had sex with his dad. Yet, a few of Jarret’s deleted tweets about his dad seemed to suggest that the two were in a “Family Dick” situation like the one about the hickey his dad gave him. Now, his dad took a leak inside of him.


Dylan Hayes was pissed with Jake Klerin over a food case left on the floor and not wanting to pick him up when he ran out of gas so he shared his conversation with Jake to his followers. Not to be taken out of context, Jake shared the rest of the conversation.


Say His Name

Dallas Steele was very hurt at Chi Chi LaRue for not mentioning his name in an event Chi Chi was hosting.

8 thoughts on “Jarret Moon, Jake Klerin & Dallas Steele

  1. JARRET MOON: I don’t know what to think and I won’t judge. However, if he needs help, he must seek it out.
    JAKE/DYLAN: It´s impossible to say who’s right or wrong. I hope they resolve themselves. We often do or say bad things that we regret later when we’re hot-headed.
    DALLAS STEELE: He went up and greeted Chi Chi, but she forgot to mention him while she called other actors. I would be upset too. She should have been more attentive; he greeted her. Not if she did it on purpose, but she’s wrong anyway. It is rude to forget to mention the name of someone who greeted us.

  2. Oh Dallas, it is time to move on from the lifestyle of porn! Also, you need attention from the DJ or your feelings are hurt… grow up!

    1. Come on, nobody likes to be ignored! If I say “Good morning!” for one person, the least I expect is a “Good morning!” back. Chi Chi´s act conveys the idea she called Skyy Knox and Dale Savage because they are more “famous/important” than Dallas. It may not have been intentional, but Chi Chi was wrong and Dallas is right. Chi Chi still had a chance to repair the mistake, as she could have gone to Dallas to apologize at the event, but she didn’t speak until Dallas’s tweet. Dallas 10 x Chi Chi 0.

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