13 thoughts on “Johnny Rapid & Vander Pulaski

  1. Dave I agree with you on the 9″ I think someone has taken some description liberties on that. Quickly this should have been a flip. The man bun is not a good look and honestly I love Johnny, but Vander deserved a better top.

  2. This walking butthole must disappear. He isn’t seen as a top after being stretched by all schlongs in gay porn year after year, after year… and he doesn’t have a body or dick size to be a top. He wants to be in porn untill his last breathe. This father of two or three..

  3. Johnny Rapid is NOT a top. It’s ridiculous. I think he actually holds the Guinness World Record for the gay porn star to have taken the most cocks and or, been fucked by the most guys, but that’s really all he is…a wife-beating cock-sock. Why on earth they’re trying to rebrand him as a top is beyond me, because it’s absolutely ridiculous.

    I love Vander, but jeez…it’s stigma being “topped” by “man” bun there.

    1. Top, bottom, straight, gay, trans, there is no porn combination that Johnny Rapid is worth watching in.

      I’m only saddened by Vander having to be in a scene with him. Particularly when you remember how much actual good dick he got back at Chaosmen……to now be reduced to Johnny Rapid?

      His butthole must weep.

  4. If a Top like Max Konnor (who denies his past as Bottom), DeAngelo Jackson, Rocco Steele or Cade Maddox gets all Bottoms and Versatiles´s assholes, he’s “the man”. Rocco is called “Legend” by some. If an actor is Bottom to several actors like Johnny Rapid, he is singled out and embarrassed. This is “Bottom Shaming”. Psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey has specifically talked about this in a YouTube video. This prejudiced thinking has got to end, or else we’ll still have people like Raging Stallion newcomer Reign saying total bottoms can´t be trusted, which is, to say the least, strange because he, while black man, must know how prejudice is harmful and unfair. But after Rocco Steele told his GAY audience that gays should try to have sex with women, which is a clear insult for gay men’s sexual identities, nothing surprises me anymore. Maybe 3 months from now Gay Porn videos will come with gay conversion therapy classes to “enlighten” the “mean” gays.

    1. My dislike of Johnny Rapid has nothing do with him bottoming and everything to do with his overexposure, the fcat that he is a lousy performer, the fact that he apparently preys on underage girls in his personal life, the fact that he is being pushed at the expense of actual gay performers, the list goes on….

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