Max Dior on his gay scene, str8 scene of Diesel Washington & 3 sites with a Max Lorde update

Max Dior aka Scott Reeves

Belami Online released yesterday the scene of Robin Michaux as the bottom to Scott Reeves, who is now known as Max Dior in str8 porn.

Max tweeted on that day that he did gay porn for 3 years ?.

Diesel Washington in a str8 scene [h/t @ wezkkan]

It’s not a bi scene as I said in a post but a str8 scene of Diesel Washington in a piss play with a woman who sucked his dick.

Search Google for “Pissing On Penny Play With Isis Love Piss In Her Mouth” then click on images.

Max Lorde in 3 sites as the latest update

The latest update at Hot House is the scene of Max Lorde as the bottom to Max Konnor.

The same scene was released on their sister site at Falcon Studios.

While, a scene of Max Lorde and JJ Knight released last June by Falcon Studios is the latest update on their sister site at Raging Stallion.

9 thoughts on “Max Dior on his gay scene, str8 scene of Diesel Washington & 3 sites with a Max Lorde update

    1. He isn’t ashamed of doing gay porn and posted screenshots from several scenes from his days at Belami where he topped and bottomed. What is your issue? He obviously doesn’t have any problem with it and called out those who did. Nothing but positive comments on his Twitter account from fans and fellow sex workers both male and female for him acknowledging his past in gay porn which he isn’t ashamed of.

      This is refreshing to see someone who has been in both gay porn and straight porn to call out those who have a problem with that. Good for him and I enjoyed his gay scenes too.

  1. Max Dior or scott reeves or what ever… Might just be the UGLIEST BelAmi model of all time! Lame boring sex scene partner every time, Good bye. You are not missed at all.
    Diesel Washout err washington… Enough said already, lets hope its the last we hear the name.
    Max Lorde – Been a busy boy these last few weeks. ALL GOOD! This guy is hot.

  2. Now seeing the str8 scene from Diesel you can see he lied in his tweet. He wasn’t touching anyone but himself when he came on that girl. Maybe he was fantasizing about fingering the other dude lol

    1. To Peep

      Are you an idiot? First off, I’m glad you found scene, I see u were so curious to follow my work, Secondly what I described happened off camera to get ready for the scene, Lastly do you know what editing is? Let me school you, the camera goes off until u are ready to cum. As soon as u get close to cumming by whatever means, u alert cameraman u are close and cameras roll again, getting the money shot. Geez christ just admit you a fan..

      But to call me a liar,
      Fuck you.

  3. Scott Reeves demonstrates everything that is wrong with BelAmi. The actors are almost all straight and faking it and the scenes are years old by the time BelAmi post them. There are better sites that at least have gay actors.

    1. Here is a tidbid for you … everyone in porn fakes it in some way. Even gay performers have partners they don’t like or are not attracted to, or they have off days. The fact that people think that a performer of anything does not act differently for and audience tan they do in privte is really concerning.

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