Mikey Allens was introduced in 2019 and he had scenes released for sites like Broke Straight Boys and Raunchy Bastards.

Tadeusz Tesar had several names when he worked in gay porn till 2010 for sites like William Higgins. He has a fan site as Rocky Remington.

5 thoughts on “Mikey Allens & Tadeusz Tesar

  1. As far as the first few pictures… Nothing worse than a bunch of guys pretending to like guy on guy sex. Closed eyes, (almost grimacing) as they fuck, = Boring. SO that’s a big -NO- on Mickey Allens. Forced boring straight4pay sex isn’t worth my time, or my customer $.
    As far as Tadeusz Tesar at William Higgins now Rocky Remington?
    Ah… NO. He was sort of cute during his WH days, but boring to watch, again – a straight guy trying to “act” like he isn’t repulsed by cock just isn’t worth my time. Now that he is “Rocky” and all pumped full of Vitamin “S” he looks like they all do, bloated, and his already very small cock looks super small by now, maybe the vitamin K? I am sure its just a matter of months until we unfortunately read this one has had a full on heart attack like so many others. Something about those Eastern Euro guys love to ruin a very nice body and become gym gorillas. Too Bad

  2. Tadezu has been doing G4P since he was 19 yo. Of course he’s married with a kid now. Guess he still escorts too. He mostly bottoms because roids make everything big but cock and he’s not well endowed. Gotta pay for the kids braces not to mention the “juice”.

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