7 thoughts on “Miro Dalek of William Higgins is the new guy at Belami Online as Drew Johnson (tip @John)

  1. Boy, they have a ton of stuff in their “vault”. I wonder how much stuff they’ve shot that never sees the light of day? I’m not an industry insider but I bet every studio ends up with at least a little that they’ve shot that for varying reasons never gets published.

  2. What I see is just further proof of the decline of Gay Porn.
    This very average / below average guy would not even be considered at William Higgins or Staxus 10 years ago. They had above average models, bodies, faces…
    Its SAD.

    1. Umm, above average bodies and faces don’t matter. Only above average cock size matters. Extra points for extra big low hanging balls. After that, the ability to get and stay hard while being videoed with other people in the room watching. Followed by the ability to fuck long enough to finish a scene and shoot a huge cum load, the money shot as its called. That’s why he’s in porn.

    2. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree, at least with respect to Miro. He’s one of my favorite Higgins’s model, and I think his scenes with Oto Useda and Martin Pesek were awesome!

      1. I agree, Miro is an excellent performer. People downvoting have literally never seen him in action.
        There is no other explanation.

  3. He’s a very beautiful fresh-looking youth. This video must’ve been done in 2016 when he was barely 18 years old (in 2016). Nice that he kept his pubes natural at this point. i hope they show more of him (although it may just be a one and done deal though).

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