Nikko Russo, Jax & Ricky Roman

Took A Break

Nikko Russo first had scenes at Falcon Studios in 2014. He took a break and came back in 2018. He only had one (homemade?) scene released in 2020 via Say Uncle (Yes Father) and his latest scene was released early this month by Cocky Boys.

Not A Comeback

He was first known as Maddox before he was introduced last January 2020 by Corbin Fisher as Jax. His last scene in 2020 was released last May followed by a scene with Kyler released last week. Is Jax back? The scene was filmed before Kyler became Ashton Silvers, who now has a tattoo on his chest.

Filmed In 2020

Ricky Roman is known for his work at Cocky Boys since 2012. It’s not as often as before that we get to watch a scene of Ricky. This year, his scene in I Love New York of Naked Sword was released last January and he has an upcoming scene with Luca D’Amore at Men.

For me, these two 2021 scenes of Ricky seemed to suggest that they were filmed one after the other in 2020. Luca, who also had a scene for I Love New York, looked the same. While, Ricky shaved his face & let his hair loose for his Men scene.


  1. Res1

    I’m pretty sure Jax’s scene was downvoted for Corbin Fisher’s racist subscribers because he’s black. They hate anything darker than a brown paper bags on that site.

  2. Reg

    Urgh…please tell me that Ricky finally got away from Josh Moore. The man-ban would be a small price to pay to get free of his claws.

  3. Pavel Ford

    Nikko Russo seems to get better the longer he hangs around. He may look better now…
    Kyler and Maddox was definitely filmed a long time ago. Kyler / Ashton just gets better with every scene he does. This guy really loves to ride cock. Also gives dick as good as he rides it.
    Ricky Roman went a bit too far with the ink. BUT, I always liked the energy and real heat he brought to his scenes. Ricky was always HARD and liked everything to do in “gay sex”
    Yes, I hope he broke free of crazy Josh too.

  4. sammy1023

    Was a bigger fan of Nikko Russo when he was beefier over at Falcon. His scene with Colt Rivers back then…off the charts.

  5. Anke

    Does anyone care?

  6. Andy

    Ricky Roman is a handsome guy but the long hair he looks feminine. A bit of a turn off.

    • Reg

      If a man is going to have long hair, then facial hair is required. In that one photo of him with a beard though, it doesn’t look like he can grow one properly. That last photo…absolutely, he looks like a girl, but I love long hair on a guy! He’s just missing the mark though, because no man can suit a manbun…and maybe it’s just me, but he’s nowhere near a good a top as he is a bottom.

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