Vote for your favorite model for August 2021

The weekly poll winners.

Week 1 – Rodrigo Amor of Raging Stallion

Week 2 – The None of The Above had the most number of votes.

Week 3 – Blake Ryan of Sean Cody

Week 4 – Craig Marks of Lucas Entertainment

Week 5 – Igor Lucios of Lucas Entertainment

Rodrigo Amor, Blake Ryan, Craig Marks or Igor Lucios?
771 votes
Ends on September 30, 2021

7 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite model for August 2021

  1. C’mon, girls! Let’s sing-a-long the old bolero: Amor…, amor…, amor…Nació de mi…/ Nació de ti,,,,/ …De la esperanza….

  2. Without all those bizarre tattoos on his arms sexy Igor might have been able to give Craig a little competition, but it’s a Craig landslide.

  3. Let’s get rid of “none of the above” option… someone has to be the “best”, even if he isn’t wonderful

    1. Nah, the NONE OF THE ABOVE was added because there frequently are many not worth anything. Yeah, Hi…can you please choose the best example of a bowel movement? LOL We have fun here.

      In prissy terms, one shouldn’t have to go up and down several times because we can’t decide on who’s least worst. 🙂

  4. Craig is so hot…but the model of this month for me is Jason Phoenix. He just posted the most explosive cumshot I’ve seen in a while…

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